Flirting techniques for women that ACTUALLY work

29th May 2018 Shaheen Rajan 0

Flirting is an art, said a friend, over a shared meal of cheesy nachos and quesadillas. I wouldn’t know, for I have never managed to flirt successfully (at least not on purpose or when required). She, however, was as slick with words as batting her lashes at the right time. […]

Let’s talk about lies

16th March 2018 Shaheen Rajan 3

I lie. You lie. In public, we blame it on circumstances. Away from judging eyes, we acknowledge that somewhere, it was self-serving. It gets problematic when the lines get blurred and those lies, after being repeated many times, appear to be true to you. You start believing them. Let’s talk […]

Are women happier when men are the main breadwinners?

27th September 2010 Shaheen Rajan 0

There are two tangents of almost all belief systems – personal and universal. For example, there is an endless debate between personal gods and physicist’s favourite universal god; then there is that hypocrisy where women want equality yet prefer a man who opens door (just for the record, I am […]