Cherry Cross Shop

Hey you!

If our current circumstances, from climatic disasters to Coronavirus, have taught me something, it is that our consumption patterns need to change. Mindless shopping, hoarding and taxing our already limited and depleting resources need to stop, and I will start with myself.

I would like to sell some of the things that I have had for some time but never got around to using. I could either keep them in the hope of using them one day, or sell it for less than half the price to someone who actually needs it. I have decided to do latter.

How to shop at Cherry Cross:

  1. If you like something from the following, and would like to buy it, send in the product number to
  2. You will receive a confirmation of order, along with payment details. Please know that payments are only possible via PayPal or Sofort.
  3. Orders are only accepted from within Germany.
  4. Please note that the price doesn’t including shipping costs.

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