10 Bare Basics of Karachi Summer 2016

25th May 2016 Fatma Khalil 0

Last summer must have been the first in a decade that I wasn’t in my beloved Karachi as I struggled to live the supposed “high life” Dubai in parallel to the cheap s**t third world labour role we desis ever too willingly sign up for in the UAE. Like other fellow Karachiites […]

Karachi Chronicles – Flu and the Family

16th December 2015 Shaheen Rajan 0

Sigh. Yes, I did get the flu. Like every damn time, during every damn visit, I got the flu. But this bug was not your ordinary pesky devil. He was strong and persistent, and refused to budge for 10 days. And just when I sighed in relief, the demon reappeared […]

Karachi Chronicles – The Beach

9th December 2015 Shaheen Rajan 0

Karachi’s beaches are a matter of pride – especially when you are in a conversation with a Lahori. Random fact. I have always had an affinity with all things water; I love beaches and water parks. This time around, another friend of mine was also visiting and had planned a […]

Karachi Chronicles – The Arrival

7th December 2015 Shaheen Rajan 9

Its home, so no length of time is ever enough. Especially if it’s only a measly week, with two homes to equally love plus a nephew I was to meet for the first time. It was an important trip as I had to finalise many important matters – I had […]

Ayyan Ali arrested in Pakistan

News: Ayyan Ali arrested for money laundering

14th March 2015 Shaheen Rajan 0

Media reported that Pakistani model Ayyan Ali arrested at #Islamabad Airport boarding a flight to Dubai when $500,000 were recovered from her. I personally don’t think its a publicity stunt – 5 years in jail doesn’t seem worth it. She’s well travelled and must have known better. Then why… I […]

Nishat Linen stocks Shoe Express!

6th September 2013 Shaheen Rajan 0

My sister and I chanced upon Nishat Linen’s outlet at Dolmen Mall, Tariq Road. While browsing through bags, I saw the exact same bag that I had bought a month ago from Shoe Express in Dubai! I was shocked to see a brand like Nishat stocking otherwise goods under their […]

In conversation with Nasreen Jalil

6th October 2010 Shaheen Rajan 0

Despite the negative forces of our orthodox Pakistani society, it’s a matter of pride for us that we have a handful of women who have managed to fight the male dominancy and earn a name for themselves through hard work and determination. Nasreen Jalil is one of those rare gems […]

Summer of 2009 in Karachi

20th September 2010 Shaheen Rajan 0

If I say there is no place like Karachi, many of you out there would condemn me for being biased-but the fact is, there actually is no place like Karachi. For me, Karachi is home. No amount of globe trotting could entice me to put down my anchor elsewhere for […]