Are Your Hair Calling Out For a Protein Treatment?

2nd April 2012 Shaheen Rajan 0

When most people think of protein, they think of big guys lifting weights. While it is true that protein is essential for bodybuilders, it is largely overlooked how good protein treatments can be for your hair. As my hair look lackluster these days, I hunted down some information to help […]

‘That’ Gorgeous, Sexy Braid for You

4th March 2012 Shaheen Rajan 1

We all love braids; I know I do. And when a friend shared this simple tutorial she came across online, I could almost jump with excitement. Here it goes – a very simple and easy way to get yourself a gorgeous, sexy braid.   In a regular braid there are […]

Tussled, Sexy Hair…in 15 mins!

18th January 2012 Shaheen Rajan 0

My sister and I always used to drool over women with sexy, tussled hair. We have gorgeous (if I may say so myself) tresses of our own but those beachy-flowy hair, with the right amount of oomph and bounce, still have us panting. We have tried mousse+crunch, just crunch, just […]

8 Beauty Secrets Stars Don’t Want You to Know!

8th December 2011 Shaheen Rajan 1

Besides surgery and Botox, there’s got to be something we’re missing. Secrets that celebrities use to keep themselves award-show ready, knowledge that we’d all love to get our hands on! I mean, how does Eva Mendes look so fabulous all the time? We did some research and found that occasionally […]

Tie ‘Em Up and Sexy!

14th November 2011 Shaheen Rajan 0

Everybody loves—and loves to wear—ponytails (unless you’ve got a cute pixie cut, of course). But we bet you didn’t realize how many different versions of this classic style are out there. Here are our seven, sexy favorites. Bombshell (Smooth)   Angelina Jolie’s major mane is perfect for a va-va-voom ponytail. […]

Your Way to Gorgeous Manicure!

2nd August 2011 Shaheen Rajan 0

Hands can tell a lot about your personality and they are always forward. That’s why it is very important to pay attention to give them appropriate care so that they would help to impress people properly. Much to everyone’s surprise too, manicures are also important for men. Take a look […]

6 Makeup Looks to Sizzle This Summer In!

6th July 2011 Shaheen Rajan 0

Sweltering summer temps call for simplifying your makeup routine. After all, is there anything worse than a melting smoky eye? Try these trends and create a sexy look in one easy step. The Key: Liquid Eyeliner If you love sexy eye makeup but want a look that stays put, skip […]

My Sunscreen Secret!

6th June 2011 Shaheen Rajan 1

Okay so I thought a lot before writing this piece. It would take above average IQ to really understand this one, so please judge yourself and act accordingly. Anyway, so since forever I have been drilled about layering sunscreen before going out of the house. I naturally have normal-oily skin […]

6 Things You Never Knew About Sunscreen

11th May 2011 Shaheen Rajan 0

I’ll be honest, I never really thought much about sunscreen. I just slapped it on and hoped I didn’t get burned (although since I’m not the greatest at re-slapping it on, I often did). But then I came across this sunscreen trivia and now I’m looking at my bottle of […]

5 ways to lighten up your makeup bag for spring!

11th May 2011 Shaheen Rajan 0

As the weather warms up and you start wearing lighter clothing, it’s also time to lighten things up in the makeup department. The warmer temperatures and humidity in some climates can affect your skin, so you need to make sure the makeup you’re wearing each day isn’t going to clog […]