I am scared for the upcoming winters. If it is already this cold, what will December, January and February be like? Brrr. Okay, let’s think happy thoughts and talk about latest launches in the world of beauty, skin care and makeup.

Veganbath salts by CD Körperpflege

The days are getting longer and colder, and for the lack of better (read: outdoorsy) things to do, we turn to warm baths and aromatic products. The vegan certified CD foaming bath salts are made of pure sea salt and take care of your skin with care-oil complex of almond and jojoba oil. Ready for spa at home ladies and gentlemen?

CD foaming bath salts are available at Rossmann for €1.19

Cozy cuddle time in my paradise Tetesept Bubble baths

Some more bubbly baths, and this one is festive! Delicate fragrances, aromatic oils and three distinct experiences – Time for Coziness with cocoa butter , vanilla and macadamia nut Oil, Cuddle Time with baked apples, cinnamon and roasted almonds (can I have it for lunch as well please?), and Paradise with jojoba oil and fig milk extract.

Tetesept Bubble baths are available in drugstores and supermarkets, as well as online, for €3.99

Real Techniques launches limited edition Brushes Set

The Brush Crush is galactic and colourful set, comprising of a powder brush, foundation brush, shadow brush, blush brush, cosmic sponge and ruler of the skies set. All brushes are cruelty-free, with soft, hand-cut bristles that make for a great and even result.

Keralock at-home hair colouring kit introduces fall hues

At home hair colouring can be easy if you have the right product. Keralock promises to add radiance to your mane in 30 minutes, and keep the damage to bare minimum. While the respective colour result depends on the initial hair colour, the care and protection is standard across all hair types. The mix is developed with beeswax and silk proteins that nourish hair, prevent dehydration and offers UV protection. Latest colours include platinum blonde, light brown, medium blonde, hazelnut, reddish brown, mahogany, chocolate brown, dark brown, black cherry, black, garnet and gold blonde.

Keralock Inspiration Brilliant Cream Colorations is priced at €3.99 and available at most drugstores and retail stores.

Avon launches holographic highlighter

The new mark. MAGICAL Highlighter from Avon comes with five iridescent colours, which can be applied either alone or combined for blinding radiance. Depending on the light and angle, the colour and luminosity change, but one thing remains: an incomparable glow.

The mark. Magical Highlighter is available online for €16

by Shaheen Rajan
Picture courtesy: ellimacs

In three days, scary witches are going to be all out and about, stealing treats and giving faint hearted humans like myself heart attacks. I have a chicken’s heart and don’t do horror (aka Halloween), but this year it has been particularly difficult to bury my head in the sand.

For starters, Halloween is a big deal in Germany. There are pumpkins and scary masks everywhere. On top of that, my instagram feed is filled with incredible work by my fellow Pakistani beauty bloggers who have created such scary (and impressive) looks to celebrate the ‘day of dead’. Beware for they might haunt you and give you nightmares.

Here are some troublemakers to inspire your Halloween 2018 and help you push the envelope with face paint and fake blood.

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× MELTING FACE × 💀👺👹 _ So this took me 4 hours!! Yes!! This is the hardest creative makeup look that I've done so far. Of course this is inspired by the very talented @mimles 😍 I'm a huge fan of her illusion makeup looks & art!! 😍💟 _ With this look I'm also entering @entice.cosmetics Halloween contest so wish me luck guys & show some love! 😘 _ P.s I edited my eye color to match it with the black color of the melting eyeballs. Sounds creepy doesn't it? Haha _ × PRODUCTS USED × _ @entice.cosmetics bubble gum primer, 24 karat moisture potion, Lush matte liquid lipsticks shade Skinny dip & Seduction. _ @makeuprevolutionpakistan @makeuprevolution @adam_minto70 Brow pomade shade ash brown, pro illuminate highlighter & Sugar and spice blush palette. _ @kryolanpk @kryolanofficial Aqua colors 170 & 171. _ @glamgirlzbymahwish concealer shade 102 Ivory. _ @maybelline 24 hour superstay foundation. _ @lusciouscosmetics face contour kit (for nose and forehead) _ @benefitcosmetics they're real mascara _ @thebalmcosmetics Schwing eyeliner. _ @shopmissa lashes in Olivia. _ #iamanenticemonster #karachiblogger #creepitreal #enticecosmetics #halloweenmakeup #halloween #halloween2018 #facemelting #pakistaniglam #makeupartistsworldwide #pakistanblogger #pakistanimakeupartist #featuremuas #flawlessdolls #underratedmua #mua_underdogs #lusciouscosmetics #illusionmakeup #mimichoi #100daysofmakeup #fiercesociety #iamenticemonster

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Stitch it up!!😶 Please tag @nyxcosmetics in the comments! #iamanenticemonster ——————————————————————— Foundation by @glamgirlzbymahwish ( Pro Matte liquid foundation in 106 Natural Ivory ) Setting powder by @glamgirlzbymahwish ( Loose setting powder in Translucent) Eyeshadow palettes by @bhcosmetics ( Take me back to brazil ) @nyxcosmetics ( I love you so mochi palette) Eyeliner by @nyxcosmetics ( Full Throttle lipstick in Up the Bass ) Mascara by @covergirl ( Super Sizer mascara ) Lashes by @zhooshmeup ( #4 touch the sky ) Blush by @rimmellondonus ( live pink ) Kajal by @hashmikajal1 Highlighter by @hudabeauty ( 3D highlighting palette in Golden sands ) Contour by @absolutenewyork_uk ( Strobing and shading palette ) Brushes by @beautifybyamna_ and @morphebrushes Beauty blender by @entice.cosmetics ———————————————————————— For the wound and blood recipe check out my story highlights♥️ ————————————————————————- #stitchedmouth #halloweenlook #scary #bloodymakeup #enticecosmetics #halloweenmakeup #hallowen #spooky #mermaidmakeup #bloodymakeup #gorymakeup #sfxseries #sfxmakeup #sfxmakeupartist #halloween2018 #halloween🎃 #2018 #makeuptutorial #makeupartist #purpleeyeshadow #purplevibes #tearedskin #sfxtattoo #undertheradar_makeup @glamgirlzbymahwish

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throw bk

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by Shaheen Rajan

I am writing this from predictably gloomy Amsterdam. I landed here a few hours ago and came straight to my favourite restaurant to pen this down.

I would like to start by thanking everyone for the response on my previous blog post. I am living my fame – I got one new follower and two guys messaged me to ask if I was a sex doctor (just to be clear, I’m not). If that isn’t called being a celebrity, then I don’t know what is. Even Kimye got famous because of sex and have you noticed an uncanny similarity between a certain Instagram account and mine (keepingupwithrsa)? I knew all along that I was going to be famous.

Now back to the post. I have travelled a lot, and when I say a lot, I do mean A LOT. Thanks to my military family and then Ryanair Air. Every city that I have travelled to has a story for me, and I associate a certain feeling to it. Some are happy, some sad, and some are downright wild.

While Amsterdam is very close to my heart, I see it as a city of heartache (though it has got nothing on Dublin, and please don’t even get me started on it).

Now don’t get me wrong – the red light strict, legal weed and cheap booze are very attractive for someone my age, lekin kambakht ye dil ka dard  (but damn this heartache)! And this isn’t a simplistic kind of ache. It is complicated. Let me explain.

To me, heartache is orgy of different emotions. It’s a party where all sort of feelings engage in an open and unrestrained debauchery, leaving the victim exhausted and spent.

It starts with nostalgia, and who doesn’t like a trip down the rosy road? You enjoy the ride as it brings back a whole lot of memories and that is exciting. While you are in your own fool’s paradise, other emotions stand by – observing, testing and struggling with nervousness, as they have never jumped in on to something like this before. It is almost like a conspiracy, stealing glances at each other, trying to decide how far can they go, and drag you along.

Unaware of all the emotional commotion around, you cling to nostalgia and revere the attachment. You belong. You have arrived. Or so you think.

Soon, nostalgia has company. Overthinking has joined the party. It is getting intense, but hey, the more the merrier, right? Now you have situations to play around with, questions that you can answer but also some bastard answers that you don’t have questions for, and probably never will. Excitement is on a rise.

At this point, distress feels left out and jumps in like there’s no tomorrow. It starts playing around with your body. The excitement begins to fade and pain kicks in. Your body starts to sweat and heart beats faster but you feel uncomfortably numb.

This orgy of emotions continues in full swing until you board the plane and get out of the city. And even then, a bagful of it travels with you. Some victims survive it, even enjoy a bit, and come out enlightened. Others lose themselves in the whirlwind.

And dear readers, this is exactly how I have been feeling since I landed. You might want to label me a majnu, and I don’t blame you. You aren’t the first to associate heartache only with love lost. But here’s the irony (or twist, if you like) – I have never fallen in love or had my heart broken. So, why oh why, do these abandoned mountains echo?

Comment below or write to me at sabeel@cherrycross.com if you know why do I feel this pain.

by Rana Sabeel Asghar

That’s me. Beauty junkie. I love trying out new products and beauty tools, and even more so when they arrive as gifts. But not many people understand beauty, especially if it goes beyond pre-packed gift boxes. So here is the first (of hopefully many) edition of Christmas gift ideas. Now, before you naysayers remind me that I don’t celebrate this particular day, let me just say this – when it comes to gifting, I am one of you!

Philips VisaPure Advanced Anti-Pollution

This 3-in-1-skin care product is what every reader in Karachi (and then the rest of the world) needs. The first brush, anti-pollution, combines a bamboo-finished activated charcoal sponge with smooth bristles that removes even the smallest particles of dirt. Then the revitalizing brush relaxes facial muscles and stimulate lymphatic drainage. Lastly, the cooling Fresh Skin attachment uses its cold ceramic surface to instantly cool and refreshes skin.

Priced at €214.99, it is available on the Philips Online Shop, Saturn and Mediamarkt (online and in the stores) and Amazon.

VisoVibe by B.Kettner

In case Philips’ skin cleaning brush is out of your range (monetarily, temporarily), B.Kettner’s VisoVibe might just do the trick for you. This facial cleansing tool works gently and thoroughly, and also has low-frequency micro-vibrations for skin-tightening effect. The brush has two sides –one for combination and the other side for normal/sensitive skin. Its battery lasts up to 200 applications and it can make a good travel buddy.

VisoVibe cleaning brush with 50 ml cleaning foam is available online for €70.

Golden Caviar by Biodroga

There is something so opulent, extra and OTT about caviar – be it as an appetiser or a beauty product ingredient. Now, we will all be struggling with awfully dry skin, calling for constant moisture application. Unless something works from within. Like Biodroga’s Golden Caviar. It activates cell’s metabolism and microcirculation, hence optimising the moisture level. There is also soy protein to restore the physiological balance and shea butter for enhanced moisture-binding capacity. There is also another little gift inside – Biodroga’s eye contour fluid, which normally retails at €37.

Golden Caviar by Biodroga is priced at €52 and available online, in authorized cosmetics institutes and selected department stores.

Catherine’s Advent Calendar

If you know someone who loves nails as much as I love double chocolate cookie, this advent calendar will make a perfect gift for them. First time ever, Catherine has launched their advent calendar, and it’s called ‘Twenty 4 You’. There are 24 products behind each of the little windows, with a total worth of €135 (which means you save €75).

Catherine Advent Calendar “Twenty 4 You” is priced at €59.95 and available online.

P.S I will be doing a special post for advent calendars that I are LOVE, so stay tuned!

Now that I have a boy on board, I must include grooming options for men too, don’t you think? All for you, Sabeel!

Erbe Shaving Set with Traditional Solingen Razor

Let’s take a moment to appreciate this beauty’s old school charm. Now imagine a rugged bad boy, with a gorgeous tan and teeth whiter than pearls, using it, and then looking at your with a smouldering eye. This alone is a reason why men need this – it is sexy! The set consists of a high-quality, traditional Solingen razor and a silvertip badger with a decorative, glossy finished stand. Hello gorgeous shave!

The set is available in olive wood, burl wood and genuine beef horn handles; available at select speciality store, and priced from €229.

Brisk’s Beard Care

I love a well-groomed beard as much as the girl, but beard burns are real and painful. So, this is what you need as much as your man. Brisk has a range of beard care products that you can put together in a box and present as a gift. I consider their wash gel and beard oil a must, and you can top it up as far as your budget goes. Also, super cute packaging alert!

Brisk wash gel retails at € 4.99 whereas the oil costs €7.99. Available at drugstores (I saw some at DM).

by Shaheen Rajan

As a hospitality journalist in Dubai, I was often offered one to two nights at a hotel to experience their services and possibly include them in my features. This was how I got used to having a mini-vacations (aka staycations) without stepping out of my city. I think it is a great way to relax and rejuvenate, spend uninterrupted time with your Mister, and the costs are usually much lower than what you would spend on travel, accommodation and food, if you were travelling to another city or country.

I want to restart this little tradition again, and have been looking at hotels in Cologne. Also, winter is approaching fast, and Mister and I have no plans to escape. This will be my first FULL winter experience, unless I can teleport my way to Barcelona or Karachi.

Anyway. Back to staycations in Cologne.

25 Hours Hotel The Circle

I recently passed by a majestic building in Friesenviertel, and it said 25hours Hotel The Circle. I came home and asked Mrs. Google about it. She told me that it is in fact a newly opened hotel in the city. The historical building used to be an administrative unit for the Gerling insurance company. Now, it is part of chain hotels with the infamous Monkey Bar (from Berlin?) and a Mediterranean restaurant called Neni on the top (8th floor).

I was attracted to the majestic grey semi-circle exterior, with rock climbing steps and cute little boat-type fixtures in the water. The interiors are a sharp contract to the historical exterior. And all in all, it looks pretty promising for a staycation in Cologne.

Do you have any other ideas on how to make the best of German winters, besides Christmas markets?

by Shaheen Rajan

This story dates back to August 2018. I was merrily enjoying my last days in Karachi, filling them up with as many meetings, lunches, dinners and coffee dates as possible.

One such evening, I met Fattu to watch Apartment 786 at FTC. Post show, we decided to have dinner, and agreed on Nando’s. Since I started going to Nando’s in 2008 (or was it 2007?), I have never had to wait. Maybe like 5-7 minutes, but never longer. We drove to Nando’s at Shahbaz Commercial and were asked to wait for 45 minutes. Our third wheeler, let’s call him D, did warn me about the waiting time but I didn’t believe him. I should have.

Peri Peri had recently opened doors back then, was close (both physically and in food options) and I was starved. He drove us to Peri Peri, where the waiting time was 30 minutes. I almost laughed. Is this a joke? What is going on? Don’t people eat at home anymore? And why can’t they go elsewhere? I was HANGRY.

We decided to have chai to kill time, but the waiting was endless, so we got on our way and hoped to find something, anything. We threw around ideas, and although Boat Basin was a unanimous yes (those dhaga kebabs are to die for), parking would have been a nightmare. ‘There’s Newbury Café on the way…”, D murmured. I had never heard of it, Fattu was interested and we could all eat a horse between us. So, Newbury Cafe it was.


It’s in one of Clifton’s many dark alleys, with beautiful lighting and romantic setting. Spread across two floors with a small patio, it is a charming establishment. Lots of wood, red bricks, artefacts and clever lighting.


We got seated immediately. Full points for service – attentive and just about enough salesmanship to make us listen to their recommendations.


Skipping starters, we dived right into mains. I ordered Smokey Flamed Grilled Chicken, Fattu went for Mutton Chops and D wanted Rib Eye Steak. A very important detail to remember: I ordered from the normal dinner menu whereas Fattu and D chose from Chef’s Special.

Food came, and everything was delicious – right down to the sides and sauces. Meat was done just right, with enough flavouring to enhance and not overpower. Servings were generous. It was hands down one of the best meals that I had in Karachi this year.

Still in food coma, we decided to go all out and order two deserts – Crème Brulee and signature Chocolate Dome (the one with chocolate shell that’s melted with hot chocolate to reveal chocolate brownie, ice cream and rice crisps – devine!). This was the most theatrical part  of our meal, with chocolate falling apart and torch caramelising our brulee.

Chocolate Dome at Newbury Cafe Karachi
Creme Brulee at Newbury Cafe Karachi


Everything was delicious and in that moment, we loved D just a little bit more for suggesting Newbury Cafe.

Then came the bill, and I blinked. Once. Twice. Thrice. Nothing changed.

It said something Rs17,000 plus. As it turned out, Fattu’s meal costed Rs.6,400 and Rib Eye Steak was for about Rs. 5,600. Throw in my cute little, comparatively inexpensive chicken of Rs. 1,250, mojito, desserts, tip and it rounded off to Rs.18,000.

In retrospect, it was up to us to ask for the prices of chef’s special as they were not printed. We didn’t. The server assumed that we knew what we were getting into. We didn’t. Had we planned for a special meal, it would have not come as much of a shock. But for a random, late night dinner, it was more than I planned on spending.

In my head, I blamed D’s Merc – had it not been for his swanky car, the server might have mentioned the prices for my two meat-khor friends.

Anyway. It was one of my last nights in Karachi and the food was indeed delicious. So, I didn’t crib about it. We split the bill three ways, D dropped us home and we all slept (in our respective beds) with happy tummies.


The food is delicious and I have seen some pictures of the venue during the day, and it is equally beautiful. I would totally recommend Newbury Café, just confirm prices (if not printed) to avoid ‘surprises’.

by Shaheen Rajan

It’s so pink that candy floss might feel threatened. 

Supercandy Pop-Up Museum arrived in Cologne on September 26th 2018, and will keep the city painted pink for next three months. It has 20 interactive installations, sprawled across 1200sqm.

Unlike other museums, here you can not only look but also touch, sit on, get in and take as many pictures as you like. Every corner boasts perfect lighting and colorful background, so bad pictures are just not possible. It is actually designed for Instagram, and will give your feed a sugar high.

The museum’s exterior is a giant pink blob, and screams for attention. 20 installations promise 20 unique experiences; for example, you get to have a window seat in the Super Class in Supercandy Air, where you see a pink cloud of cotton candy through the window. There is a giant liquorice pool, filled with 100,000 black balls, lets you drown and emerge while your friend takes fabulous pictures (or boomerangs).

Just off the black sea is a world perfectly pink – beach full of pink balls, confetti box, 2000 flamingos and ‘statue of modern self-photography’ where you will learn everything about selfies, belfies, relfies, ussies, nudies, truthies and other …. ies.

The tickets are priced at 29€ per person for a specific slot, which are 30 minutes apart. The entire tour takes about 75-90 minutes to complete. Entry ticket includes free candy, free ice cream free Instax photo, Photo printing station, free beauty station, and a goodie bag.

It is heartbreaking that I have no volunteers to go along with me, and I am till now deprived of the pink experience. I may not be a pink girl (I am more purple and red actually), but it is an experience and what is life if not a bunch of crazy experiences?!

All pictures are courtesy Supercandy Museum on Instagram

by Shaheen Rajan

I have done a fair bit of Europe-trotting in our late BMW (rest in peace, red beauty). While it is fun, most European cities aren’t car friendly and parking is more often a nightmare than not. And not to forget expensive; it can be as  high as 8€ per hour!

Mister found Parkopedia and we used it for the first time a few months ago. This app helps you to find the closest parking to your destination, tells you how much it will cost and whether the space is available. It has a database of over 60 million parking spaces in 75 countries (including car parks, street parking and private driveways).

So, in a nutshell, Parkopedia can help you find, book and pay for your desired parking spot in over 8000 cities. Sweet, right?

This app was most useful to us in cities like Amsterdam and Brugge, where city centres are designed primarily to be explored on foot or on a bicycle. Parkopedia identified the closest available spots to our destination, and we chose the place with lowest per hour rate. It was very handy and saved us a pretty penny more than one.

To find the app, search for Parkopedia in your App Store. It is free to download and use.

Don’t forget about Cherry Cross everytime Parkopedia helps you find parking or saves you money folks!

by Shaheen Rajan

On Thursday, October 18, the first Uniqlo store in Cologne opens doors at Hohe Straße 52, amidst performances, special offers and a chance to win tickets to Tokyo.

The opening ceremony will commence at 9:30, with a performance by traditional Japanese Taiko drummers. A ribbon cutting will follow at 10:00AM.

To commemorate this milestone opening, first 200 visitors at Uniqlo’s new store in Cologne with receive a limited edition carrier bag and a cashmere scarf. One of bags also contains tickets to Tokyo for two people.

In addition, until 24th October 2018, Uniqlo offers special discounts on selected products from Life Wear Range, including ultra light down jackets, extra-fine merino wool pullovers for kids and parkas for children.

The regular opening times of the Uniqlo’s Cologne outlet are Monday to Thursday and Saturday from 10:00 to 20:00 and Friday from 10:00 to 21:00.

Bonus: Uniqlo has collaborated with Alexander Wang and the collection might just arrive at the Cologne outlet (I am awaiting confirmation from the brand, and will update the verdict here).

Bonus 2: An InstaFam member recommended their HeatTech range for the upcoming winters.

by Shaheen Rajan

This is not the first time. Ours has been a turbulent relationship, from the very beginning. We came together when our respective best friends ditched us. Over the years, our families kept the other at an arm’s distance, fearing ‘bad influence’. Truth be told, we were both evil enough in our own rights to fare just fine without any influence.

Over the years, almost a decade and half to be precise, we braved many a heartaches, achievements and disappointments, together. 3AM was as good a time to call as 3PM. So today, as I write this, I wonder what went wrong? How did a friendship just ceased to exist after 13 years?

From hereon, the reasoning belongs solely to me. My perspective. My side of the story. It’s all a blur, and my gold fish memory doesn’t help. But I need to understand, resolve, and possibly move on. Here are some disjointed explanations. Maybe you can make sense of it all?

Thoughts race from one corner of my brain to another, too fast for me to capture. In the blur, I can see something – trust, or actually lack of it. I could always share things with her, but I couldn’t open that last door. The earliest memory that I have of this barrier being erect goes back to 2008. It could be shame, or that we were geographically always unfortunate. Distance doesn’t make my heart grow fonder. That dark room increased in size over the years, and the list of things to not talk about grew longer. Until..small talk entered our conversation sphere. This is the last nail in the coffin – small talk.

If your parents are not onboard with a friendship, and you live in Pakistan, beware. I have been to her place only a handful of times. She came over to mine slightly more, but it wasn’t always pleasant. My parents thought she was a bad influence as in one of my diaries, I wrote that I wore a liner at school. It was her liner and I had borrowed. I think it was after that that I stopped writing diaries. Despite our many attempts, the icy bridge between her and my parents never quite settled. On the flip side, I had a nasty breakup with her elder sister, who used to be a really good friend while she was away at school to another city. I have zero recollection of what happened with the sister. Just that my then boyfriend kept on asking me to end it with her. He threatened that it would cost me our relationship if I didn’t stop hanging out with her. In addition, I never was her parents’ favorite. I don’t know why – maybe because she and I fought a lot, and they didn’t like the girl who made their daughter angry or tearful. Or that I could only make awkward conversations with her mom, at best. My people’s skills weren’t rave worthy back then.

I made the mistake of hooking her up with one of my almost-best friends. I loved both of them, and found them so similar that I just had to bring them together. It was something that I shouldn’t have done. I can still spare myself for bringing them together, but what I really really really should not have done was champion their relationship. I believed, with all my heart, that they belonged together, and every time they had a fall out, I would try to reason my way into patching them up. After a while, she stopped telling me when they broke up or got back together. Fair enough – my rose tinted views were not helping anyone. Many years and some awful episodes later, they parted ways. But something stayed. A blame on me, which was hardly ever pronounced but always felt. Somehow, I bagged the prize for causing heartache to people I deeply cared about.

And this led to distance creeping in between us. Looking at me reminded her of him. And looking at her, reminded me of someone I had unresolved issues with. Every time our issues with respective men resurfaced, we avoided the other. She became a scar that reminded me of an injury, which still hurt. 

Social media. I love it. She bears with it. This isn’t the first time that one of us has blocked or unfriended the other. But sometimes, tech took it upon itself to create misunderstandings. For example, most recently, I was using a god-awful phone, which kept on redialing contacts that I had recently called. Before ‘the’ fight, she was my most called person. My phone would still dial her number, and it was too slow to react when I would try and cancel. To make it stop, I deleted her number from my phone. I had it memorized anyway. This meant that she could not see my picture on WhatsApp and assumed that I have blocked her. Many moons later, she confronted me and I told her that I did not block her. She didn’t believe me. I changed the visibility to public. Bless tech.

Life had been particularly difficult for us in recent years. There were months of professional stagnation, unemployment, and compromises. Personal relationships had been more demanding than comforting. We slipped into episodes of depression. She was there to pull me out and I tried to be there when things got tough for her. It became unbearable only when we both hit rock bottom, looking for the other to pull us out with unconditional understanding, love and support, and found the spot empty.

We didn’t have an elaborate farewell. A fight that closed that last door shut. And locked for added security against future pain. 

Now she sits in a frame in my house, as a picture of happy times from our youth. I miss her, but I know that the bridges were burnt and neither has the emotional capacity to cross through the ambers of pain. 

Not all stories are destined for a happy ending. Some just end.