About Cherry Cross

Founded in 2010 by Shaheen Rajan, Cherry Cross is an interactive source for fashion and lifestyle updates. Also features relationship advice from experts, celeb interviews, travel features, latest gossips & more! We work to be the lifestylist and cheerleaders for fun, bold and daring people who want to be the best they can be in every area of their lives.

We have Cherry Cross Ambassadors in Germany, United Arab Emirates and Pakistan. But our readers come from all over the world, with Germany, the USA, the UK, Pakistan and Canada being our top 5 traffic sources in the last 6 months.

About Shaheen Rajan:

A communications professional, Rajan has worked on both ends of the spectrum – as a journalist and a manager for brands’ press relations, with a 4-year layover in the world of digital and influencer marketing. She started at Women’s Own Magazine in Karachi, grew at Hotelier Middle East Magazine in Dubai and found nirvana at Cosmopolitan Magazine in Berlin. She needs coffee, fashion, romance and manicure to survive.

Area of influence

Fashion & Beauty:

We feature latest news, collections, red carpets, beauty launches and events – with a personal voice. Reviews, OOTDs and swatches are regulars for Cherry Cross. There is a special place (and section) in our hearts for accessories, featuring jewellery, bags, shoes and sunglasses.


Rajan has a special relationship with food. As a Taurus, she is forever hungry, forever eating, and (thankfully) forever reporting back so you never have to have a bad meal again.


From Asia to Europe and Americas, we travel and report back with everything you need to know – where to stay, what to eat, where to party, what to shop. We have our readers covered.


One our USPs is that we keep filter to the minimum and take realness to the top, and our readers love us for it. We don’t shy away from saying the good, the bad and the awkward. Cherry Cross is a journey, and some of our readers have been with us for over five years because our regular talks about living the best life.

Let’s talk numbers:

With an average of 6,300 users a month, email list of 4,200 subscribers, total social media reach of about 25,000 followers, we have an ever-growing yet tight knit community under CC influence.

Opportunities for you (the advertiser):

We strongly believe in customised approaches and design campaigns that effectively deliver your brand’s objectives. Following are a few collaborative premises – we are always open to brainstorm and cook something special just for you:


Sponsor an endorsement to build brand awareness

  • A single post featuring my experience with your product
  • 1 high resolution photo for your brand to use in future promotions
  • 1 dedicated instagram post with brand tagged in caption and photo
  • 1 instagram story with brand tagged

Brand ambassador

Build long term partnership to covert sales and grow audience

  • Six months partnership with brand mentions spaced throughout
  • 6 high resolution photos for your brand to use in future promotions
  • 6 or more dedicated instagram posts with brand tagged in captions and photos
  • 8 or more instagram story posts with brand tagged

Giveaway Package

Host giveaway to gain new followers

  • Users must follow brand to enter giveaway
  • 3 high resolution photos for your brand to use in future promotions
  • 3 dedicated instagram posts with brand tagged in photo and caption
  • 5 instagram story posts with brand tagged

Other options can include (but are not limited to) newsletter marketing, banner ad placement and affiliate marketing as well.

Previous brand cooperations:

We have collaborated with a number of brands in our key-focus industries. To name a few:

Fashion and Beauty: Phillips, My Beauty Box, La Mer, Berlin Fashion Week, Grace & Stella, German Press Days, Caudalie, OPI, L’Occitane en Provence, Ana Isa, Marina Rinaldi, Walkeaze and Rituals.

Food:  Nando’s, Feuerstein, Straßenbräu, Brasserie Quartier, Gaucho, Speak Easy, Jean Gorges Dubai and Manzoni.

Travel: Radisson Blu, Ramada, Four Seasons, Malta Tourism Board, JW Marriott Marquis and Rixos Bab al Bahr.

Let’s talk:

Here’s how to get in touch with Cherry Cross – pick up the phone and dial… Just kidding – no really. Put that phone down.

For advertisement inquiries, event invites and collaboration requests, please email us at We look forward to creating a fantastic campaign with you.

Bis dann!

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