About Cherry Cross

Hi, I am Shaheen Nouman Rajan.

I started blogging in 2010 in Karachi, Pakistan. Since then, I have lived in 3 countries, travelled to 20, ate raw octopus and survived German winters. Let’s just say it has been one heck of a ride. And it is far from over.

I currently live in Berlin, and write about my life as an expat in the land of beer, BMW and wurst. You will find me blabbering about food and fashion in the same breath, with a few heavy pauses and personal essays. I journal my travels and double up as Aunt Agony for relationship advice seekers. You will find all sorts of things on my blog, so bring a cup of chai because you are going to be a while.

And in case I haven’t already said it, I am really happy that you are here.

Shaheen Rajan – Founder & Editor.

Need coffee, romance, fashion and manicure to survive.

Pakistan, UAE and Germany.


We have some amazing writers on board, and it’s my pleasure to introduce them to you:

Nouman Zakir – Our tech magician. He manages the websites, shares all sorts of worldly and scientific informations in private GTs, periodically promised to pen gadget reviews (and never delivers) and acts as my very own Mister when no one is looking. Based in Berlin, Germany.
Rana Sabeel Asghar – My sounding board, who also makes guest appearance on my insta stories when he isn’t posing as a GQ cover model in exotic locations or innovating businesses. Gentleman by day, philosopher by night, goal-digger by choice and rebel by fate. Based in Berlin, Germany.
Fatima Khalil – Full time yogi, part-time editor and forever funny.
Made of faith, spirituality, madness, humour. Based in Karachi, Pakistan.
Vhe Frazier-Ratajczak – Travel buddy, who is too generous for this world. Master satirical political commentary, which may or may not make you laugh. Based in Cologne, Germany.
Bethany Needham – In love with lipstick, the ocean, tea, and travel. Based in Dubai, UAE.
Maria Lee – Mysterious girls always get the bad boys. Germany.

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