Review: Balea’s Electric Facial Hair Remover (elektrischer gesichtshaarentferner)

Balea elektrischer gesichtshaarentferner

Where my hairy girls at?!?!

We are back in semi-lockdown here in Berlin. While you can get a haircut, you can’t get your face waxed. It was difficult in the beginning, especially as I am blessed with rather strong facial hair hormones, but I made peace with the razor. It was quick, painless and my only option (I can’t wax myself). I did a detailed review on ‘life with a facial razor’ and you can check it out here.

Then, I was sent Balea’s electric hair remover to try and I am ready to share my review:

What I have experienced since the video was recorded (used three times since) but not in the video is this:

  • In terms of frequency and finish, it is like a razor. So I will need to use it every 2-3 days.
  • The hair actually collects under the circular head (instead of flying in all directions and creating a mess). Twist to open, and empty the containers.
  • In some areas, I had to go over and over to remove the hair. Something you don’t have to do when using a razor.
  • I have to apply a tiny bit of pressure to remove the hair properly.
  • There is no redness, rashes or fear of cuts.

If I have to choose one hair removing option between razor and electric hair remover, I would choose the electric option.

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