I finally took the plunge and bought a proper winter jacket. And it’s AMAZING!

wellensteyn schneezauber jacke damen

Do you know how long I waited before buying a proper winter jacket? TOO LONG.

At first, I kept putting it off because I wanted to lose 20 kilos. I mean, if I were to invest 300€, it better serve me for at least a couple of years right? So let me get to the size I want, and then I will buy it. Fast forward 4 winters, those 20 kilos have been lost and gained back and lost again some, yet no jacket.

Then, I wanted something that was different. You see, parka with a faux fur trim is Berlin’s uniform. And the most popular colours choices are *drum roll* black and khaki. Those are also the most widely available options. And I wanted different. So I bought an Esprit winter jacket in red. It looked nice but I needed at least 2 layers underneath in winters (and one of them had to be thermal).

Also, I travel to Pakistan in winters, so that is 3 weeks less of Berlin winters. When I had a 9-5 job, I made peace with layering. When I didn’t, I could avoid going out on crazy cold days (or layer up). So, I kept on asking myself, do I even need a decent winter jacket?

So, this was me every winter from 2016 until last month. I don’t know what changed (maybe Corona made me realise that overthinking everything, when you may not even make it through the year alive, is not the smartest thing to do), but I finally bought a winter jacket!

Over the years, Mister has been quietly sending me links to winter jackets (possibly in response to my chattering teeth when we go out in winters) but I either didn’t like them or one of the above 3 reasons held me back. This time, when he sent me the links, I opened them, fell in love with black faux fur, and ordered it online. Yup, as simple as that. When convinced, I act at a lightening speed.

My Purchase: Wellensteyn’s Snow Magic jacket

wellensteyn schneezauber jacke damen

It’s really warm, with thick polyester lining, polyurethane membrane and LOTS of pockets (4 flap pockets, 2 faux fur lined pockets, another lockable pockets on the left sleeve and 2 more in the lining).

Like most winter jackets, the hood and fur trim are detachable. Unlike most winter jackets, there is an additional detachable inner collar, made of knitted fabric, which is particularly comfortable and protects against the cold (it’s like wearing a scarf). The sleeves also have a comfortable, tight-fitting tricot cuff inside (similar fabric as the collar).

Now let’s talk colour. Black and polyester usually don’t go well together in my book (there’s something unappealing about that poly shiny glaze), but with Wellensteyn, it works. As the fabric is rather thick (like faux leather), it isn’t as shiny as poly usually is. There are many other colours, including blue, green and red, but I wanted at least one staple black jacket in my wardrobe, so opted for black.

What is it good for? It is warm, but can also be used for when it isn’t too cold. Water repellent, Wind resistant. And can be washed at home! I have never laundered a jacket at home though; have you?

I have only had it for 3 weeks, but I already love it. Wellensteyn has an inclusive size range (from XS to 2XL), so plus size girls, rejoice! Wanna know my favourite bit? Those tiny RED zipper pullers. They add a tiny bit of luxe and colour to an otherwise black jacket. Also, the pockets add a bit of texture and structure, so it doesn’t look plain and boring.

If you can’t tell that I am really happy with my purchase, let me tell you: I am very happy with my purchase 😀

This jacket retails online at 359€ but I scored it for 199! Spilling the tea on my Instagram channel. Care to join me?

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