Review: Alverde Naturkosmetik Cream Deodorant (Bergamot and Mint)

alverde NATURKOSMETIK Deo Creme Deodorant Bio-Bergamotte & Bio-Minze,

Cream deodorants have been making headlines for all the right reasons. They are a comparatively environment-friendly alternative to regular roll-ons and body sprays, as they have significantly less package waste, have better ingredients, and do not contain aluminium salts*.

I had been meaning to try cream deodorants for sometime, but had to finish my current (three) roll ons. But before I could finish them, I received alverde Deo Creme Deodorant for testing, so they rest were shelved and alverde’s cream deo became my go to for last two weeks.

Let me first tell you about this particular cream deodorant. 

Alverde Deo Creme Deodorant comes in a 100% recycled plastic jar, with only the aluminium lid made specifically for the product. Currently, it is offered in only one scent – a citrusy blend with organic bergamot and mint. Other ingredients include sage oil, aloe vera juice, vegetable glycerine and avocado oil. It is vegan (with a Natrue seal) and free of micro-plastic, aluminium salts, parabens and mineral oils.

It’s a small pot, of about 50ml product. I had assumed that the product would be thick in consistency and highly absorbent. Alverde Deo Creme, however, is firm yet watery (think baby lotions). It does absorb well into the skin when massaged thoroughly. I looked up the reason for it’s particular consistency and learnt that it has a relatively high amount of water and alcohol; many brands, which do not use aluminium salts, do opt for alcohol as it fights bacteria, and is a less costly option to enrich a product. This probably is the reason why alverde is able to retail its cream deodorant at 3.95€, when other brands in the same aisle cost at least twice as much (if nor thrice).

I did a patch test on my wrist, and it worked like a charm. It spread easily, absorbed quickly, and there was no leftover stickiness. I went on to apply it under my arms, and it worked just as well, minus the time for absorption. It required a little patience, but disappeared nonetheless.

It has a citrusy scent, which is not my favourite. I had hoped that mint would add some depth to the scent, but it is predominantly citrus. It’s a matter of personal choice, so this is neither a pro nor con; just a personal preference.

I had it on during the day, and unfortunately can’t confirm the 24 hours claim. It stays on for a few hours. Also, please note that it is a deodorant and not an antiperspirant, and expectations should be adjusted accordingly.

As I mentioned above, there is a high amount of alcohol, which means that it can irritate sensitive skin. This was the reason why I did a patch test on my wrist first. For me, there was no irritation or sensitivity. If you are going to use alverde’s cream deodorant, I do recommend a patch test, just to be on the safe side.

When I mentioned to a friend that I am trying out alverde cream deodorant to review for my blog, she gave me a fabulous piece of advice. She mostly uses natural beauty and skincare products, and has been doing vegan for over a year. She said that it takes at least a week or two for your body to adjust to a natural product. If your skin is used to chemicals, give a natural product some time before deciding if it works or not. It is never as instantaneous. Also, do not use natural as well as chemical product for the same category. If you are using natural deodorants, do not Nivea at the same time.

And I experienced it too. The scent never grew on me, but it did become drier; also, the hours that it worked increased a tad bit too.

I like the idea of cream deodorants. They have better ingredients than your usual Rexona, and less plastic wastage. They are relatively difficult to use than a body spray, when you are on the go, so that makes it a commitment that you need to think about.

Would I buy alverde Deo Creme Deodorant? It’s super affordable, so if they introduce more scents, I would be willing to try them. Natural and vegan beauty products are usually expensive (and consequently exclusive), but this here is a product that has most of the same goodness, with an affordable price tag.

* cream deodorants are often commended for being free of aluminium salts. It is worth clarifying that most deodorants do not contain aluminium salts. Antiperspirants, however, do contain them. It is important to remember the difference – deodorants are meant to curb body oder whereas antiperspirants curb sweat.

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