I tried microneedling with Svenja Wallberg Microneedle Body Roller and here’s the verdict

Svenja Wallberg’s Microneedle Body Roller

I don’t do pain. Just the sight of a needle freaks me out. So when I was offered to try out a microneedle roller for legs, I had mixed feelings about it. I wanted to, but I also did not want to go about pricking myself for the sake of beauty. So, like a true Google star, I researched on how painful it is and the reviews ranged between ‘a little bit’ to ‘not at all’. Hmmm. So, do we believe the reviews? I do. So I said yes. Yes. YES!

Also, I had a beach holiday coming up, and my legs have dry patches every now and then. I usually douse them in oil, but this time, I thought to test out the roller and see if it can help with it.

Before I go on to share my experience with Svenja Wallberg’s Microneedle Body Roller, let me first tell you what microneedling is and why do Hollywood celebrities swear by it.

What is microneedling?

Microneedling is a skin correcting and rejuvenating technique, where you run a roller all over your skin. The said roller has many short, thin needles, which when rolled over your body, causes minor injuries on your epidermis (thin outer layer of the skin). This in turn triggers a repair and healing process, aiding in production and growth of elastin (that increases skin elasticity), hyaluronic acid (to store moisture in the skin) and collagen (for firm skin).

Most cosmetologists and dermatologists offer professional microneedling services in their studios, and the treatment can cost anywhere between 150-300 euros. Their devices are electrically operated and focus on skin tightening and making it appear supple.

What does microneedling promise?

The basic purpose of microneedling is to reduce wrinkles, pores, blemishes, pigment spots, scars and stretch marks. In addition, it also promises to dissolve the pale, gray horny layer of skin, allow for better absorption of skincare products and helps clear skin with regular use.

Svenja Wallberg’s Microneedle Body Roller

About Svenja Wallberg’s Microneedle Body Roller

Svenja Wallberg’s Microneedle Body Roller is an extra-large roller with 1380 ultra-thin needles made of stainless and surgical steel, with a needle length of 0.5 mm. It is approved for home use and designed for upper arms, thighs, stomach, legs and bottom. It promises visibly smoother skin texture and firmer skin from the first application. 

My Experience:

When you unbox it, the roller looks like a miniature torture device. Lots of tiny needles on a pink roller, which is attached to an ergonomically shaped handle.

For my first use, I showered in the evening and got on my yellow couch for application. I also kept my TheBodyShop’s calming lotion handy. With extremely gentle hand, I ran the roller across the length of my leg. I did not put any pressure whatsoever, to test how far could I take it.

It did not hurt. AT ALL. It was gentler than some of the body scrubs that I have previously used. 

Feeling courageous, I applied gentle pressure and that’s when I felt my first prick. And that hurt. Not enough to make me cry (almost) but enough to make me wince (a big OUCH). Also, it feels a little uncomfortable. Like scrubbing off crust once a wound has healed? It sounds weird, I know, but that’s how it felt.

Svenja Wallberg’s Microneedle Body Roller

After the first treatment, my legs were as red as I have ever seen them (actually I have never seen my legs red, so this was a first). They weren’t bleeding, but seemed very close to it. I waited for 5 minutes and then applied a generous amount of soothing lotion.

It took about an hour for the redness to calm down, leaving behind softer, rosy legs. There was no pain. I feared that they might be sore after but nothing. They were just fine – just softer, and rosier (still slightly pink).

The packaging says that you should use it 2-3 times a week, so I waited another 2 days before going down the needling route again. This time, I was prepared for what to expect and got done with it in 10 minutes. I could feel the tingle but no wincing or ouching this time. Calming lotion followed, and life was soft and rosy again. 

I have now used it about 8 times in last 3 weeks. For starters, you get used to the sensation and your skin becomes resilient. It is nothing like a needle prick; just a sting. Also, I used it only in evenings, post dinner, so my skin had ample time to relax and calm down.

As for the experience, my skin DEFINITELY feels softer. I don’t have any blemishes or wrinkles on my legs, so I can’t vouch for that. One of the promises was a reduction of marks – unfortunately, my stretch marks haven’t altogether disappeared. They might have reduced slightly and might fade some more with regular use. 3 weeks is obviously too little a time to get rid of decade long stretch marks.

Another noteworthy change was faded appearance of pores. If you have thick hair and have been shaving your legs for long (guilty on both accounts), you might know what I am referring to. After a while, it seems like your legs are dotted. They are minuscule, but obvious. 3 weeks of needling really helped with that. It’s like someone has blurred my legs, in real life. I am now fine-pored.

Also, once you are used to the needle-sensation, it almost feels like a massage. It’s enjoyable, especially when you can get someone to do it for you.

Please note that I used a body roller, designed for legs. There are rollers for face as well, and they might work differently given that the skin on our faces is a whole lot more sensitive and fragile. Also, if I were using it on my face, I would add a serum after needling and before moisturising. And if you want a serious treatment for acne scars, going to a professional studio might be a better idea as they can tailor the needles’ length and intensity according to what your skin needs.

To conclude, I think it is an interesting tool, and one needs to have realistic expectations when using it. There won’t be miracles but it sure will help your skin be a better version of itself. I am actually keen on trying out the face roller next, now that I know I can handle the pain (if you can call that tingly feeling pain). The redness may seem scary at first but this is the basic idea of microneedling – that the minimal damage to the skin actually acts like a gentle dermabrasion and stimulates production of collagen, removal of dead skin cells, promoting blood circulation and the general healing process.

How do you use Svenja Wallberg’s Microneedle Body Roller?

Ideally, use the roller 2 to 3 times a week on your stomach, legs, bottom and upper arms. Your skin needs to be clean, so use it ideally after a shower. Roll over with light pressure, 10 times, horizontally, vertically and diagonally. Once you are done, apply a serum to strengthen the effect and finish the treatment with a soothing lotion. 

Disinfect the body roller before and after each use with a skin-friendly disinfectant and rinse it thoroughly with hot water.

Good to know

  • Peelings (chemical or mechanical) and scrubbing should be avoided for a few days after the application so as not to irritate the skin even more.
  • You should be careful not to press too hard, otherwise it can hurt. And I mean really hurt.

NOTE: I took the photos at my latest holiday because I wanted to shoot it by the beach. BUT please do not use it and then expose your skin to sun. You will be very very unhappy.

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