Brunch in Berlin: Venue Cafe & Bistro

Brunch at Venue, Berlin

Thought of the day:

You eat with your eyes first. Which is probably why restaurants go to such lengths to make their spaces cozy and food, beautiful.

Quick Restaurant Review:

I went to a very cute cafe, Venue, for brunch last weekend. It was my first time visiting, and it came recommended from a friend (who also happens to be a food blogger). I looked at their menu (and Instagram) beforehand, just to know how FAR from keto would I be going at this particular brunch. Managing expectations, you know.

Venue is located on Weserstraße, in Neuköln. A simple exterior, other than the mural of a woman with a rope, apparently escaping from floors above. The interiors, on the other hand, are designed to be cosy and chic. Think industrial meets mid-century modern, with a dash of pink and a very healthy Monstera to add some green. Very cute.

They have a breakfast menu, along with a la carte. For breakfast, you can pick 3,5 or 8 food options, from a variety of greens, eggs, dairy, meat and fish, and dairy. They also have colourful (read: very Instagramable) lattes, which was my number 2 reason for visiting Venue.

Food: I ordered avocado with almost crust and chilli oil, scrambled eggs with chives, zucchini balls with feta cheese, beetroot latte and a flat white. Verdict:

Avocado was very interesting. Distinct textures and flavours, which somehow worked together. Mine could have used a little more chilli oil.

Scrambled eggs were okay. 

I loved the zucchini balls! Must have.

Beetroot latte was the best thing to have happened to Instagram since swipe up function.

Flat white would wake you up in a snap.

Side note: My friend tried their Caesar salad. Not the best, especially when you can have two servings of zucchini balls!

Service: Pleasant and attentive.

Cost: 14.30€ (approx)

It’s a very keto friendly restaurant actually. Couple of salmon and cheese options too. And if I weren’t on keto, I would have loved to try their pancakes, fruit yogurt bowl and cakes. Maybe some cheat day!

Also, the duo that run the cafe, Giacomo and Anna, were happily chatting up customers, and offering recommendations to anyone who enquired. Love that personal touch always.

Will I go back? Most probably yes.

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