Two Ways to Avoid Yeast Infection

Yeast Infection

I want to talk more about female health issues, and am going to start today, with yeast infection.

I won’t go into what it is and symptoms for it; there is Google baji for that. What I do want to talk about are the causes, and ways to avoid them.

If you ever have had a mild case of yeast infection, it is likely that you chose to wait it out, hoping for it to get better on its own. And sometimes, that works. The count of healthy bacteria comes up at par with yeast, restoring balance once again. With that, itchiness, discharge and irritation all subside.

However, sometimes, it doesn’t get better and you need medical help (though ideally you should seek professional help whether it’s mild or severe).You can visit your gynae, who will then recommend appropriate medication – usually a cream, and sometimes a tablet to insert in your vaginally cavity.

But what causes it? Often, it is said to be hygiene. But it is not as simples as just that. There are a few other underlying causes as well, like diabetes, hormone imbalance and stress. Also, when your immune system is weak, you are at a higher risk for an infection. So if you have noticed a recurrence of yeast infection, it would be a good idea to get your sugar, insulin and hormones checked as well. It could be more than just an infection; it could be a symptom for something that needs attention, pronto.

Other than getting yourself thoroughly checked (medically), I personally tried two things that helped to keeping these infections at bay.

  1. Reduce sugar intake. It worked like magic. I reduced my intake and forgot all about these infections. Then, one dark evening, I ate sweets equivalent to my weight, and tadaaa, two days later, it was back. So, reduce (if not stop) sugar intake.
  2. Some people have similar experience with dairy. Once they gave up or reduced dairy intake, the infection did not make a come back, until they got back to the milky lifestyle.

Some things work for some, while doesn’t for others. So experiment and see what makes your condition better. Sugar, dairy, stress, birth control pill – could be anything. And see a gynae, no matter how mild or severe your case is.

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