Night Time Skin Care Routine

Some days, you want to be extra nice towards your skin (but also do not have the patience to go OTT with 14 serums and 6 balms). This is how I do it. Starting a night time skincare routine can be intimidating to some – what do I do, where do I begin, what do I use, how do I use it…there are a zillion questions, and with this video, I have tried answering some of them.

I am sticking to the basic rule of cleanse, tone and moisturize. Additionally, I have discussed ways to cleanse, added eye cream and retinol to the mix, and shared two heavy duty moisturisers that I am using nowadays.

I didn’t add it here but some times, I also scrub my face with a gentle face scrub (like St. Ives). This is after cleansing and before toning.

Products used:

Enjoy and stay beautiful 🌸