6 ways to support your favourite bloggers without spending any money

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I owe an apology to some of you for having a mini-meltdown yesterday on stories. I only wanted to educate and not guilt any of you into subscribing or watching my videos. Promise.

Having said that, I want to repeat it (without the guilting bit) because I know that it is not common knowledge and maybe this would help you understand the ways you can support your favourite content creators, so they can continue doing what you love.

From here on, I am talking about smallish-scale creators (10,000-25,000) who blog or make videos as a profession. Yes, it is a profession.

Let’s start with what does a content creator invest to produce articles and videos, and manage social media accounts.

🌸 Skills: I am a writer, and I invest my expertise here. I could otherwise write for magazines or take on content writing jobs for businesses. Instead, I invest it here.
🌸 Time: Writing takes about 1/6 of my time. The rest goes in taking photos, prepping for those photos and then editing them. Then, I do this for my blog as well as social media channels. I recently started making videos and that take SO MUCH TIME. Recording, editing and posting. I can do 5 blog posts in the same amount of time that it takes me to produce 1 video.
🌸 Money: domain, hosting, SSL security certificate and photography equipment are my fixed costs. Then there are things that I review (from food to makeup to hotels). Also, as I work for it full time, add my hourly rate to the mix and you get a pretty impressive number. Oh, and tax consultant fee, business registration/licensing cost and  post box subscription. Lastly, yearly subscriptions for photo editing, analytics and scheduling apps.

Now, ways that a content creator earns.

💥 Sponsored post – where a brand pays the creator to promote their product or service
💥 Revenue sharing – where a platform shares part of the revenue earned from your content (like advertisements on YouTube, websites and Facebook)
💥 Affiliate marketing – where a creator gets a small percentage of sales revenue that they generate from their platform (I promote something, you buy it and I get 2% of the sale amount). 

Most importantly, how can you, as a consumer/follower/reader/fan/subscriber support your favourite content creators without spending any money.

🌸 Some platforms are more rewarding than others. So, clicking on an ad while you are on my blog helps me. When you subscribe to my YouTube channel, it helps me. When you watch videos and increase views, it helps me.
🌸 Numbers matter. So if you can like, comment and/or share their content, it helps them secure sponsorships (and pay rent).
🌸 If you can react to their posts in the first hour of posting, it makes a whole lot of difference.
🌸 Understand that they are not Google, so they may not have an answer to your every query.
🌸 Do not be offended if they take some time respond. Some days, work load is crazier than usual.
🌸 Say thank you if someone helps you.

I am not saying that each one of you has to do it, or owe it to content creators. I am only trying to explain to you how it works, so that you are better informed and can do what you think is possible for you. Just understand that a creator invests a whole lot into creating content that you consume, without paying anything for it. So every little bit that you can do helps them stay afloat.

Lastly, here’s to you, the reason this blog exists. Thanks a super bunch for being here, for being supportive, and for overlooking my flaws. Know that I am open to feedback always, so if you dislike something and you tell me, that is more precious than all things combined.

Thank you. For everything.

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