KU2 Cosmetics’ Retinol Serum

Good things don’t just happen. You have got to work towards them and skin care is no different. People with good skin often follow a certain routine; they take care of what goes in them (food) as well as on them (skincare products and cosmetics).

In my case, I got a head start as my mother passed on some pretty decent genes. I didn’t have teenage acne or stress breakouts. That’s not to say that I had no skin issues whatsoever. I have ridiculous amount of facial hair (thank you for nothing PCOS), which led to waxing and that led to pimples and slight scarring. I also started noticing open pores last year, similar to what I have seen on Mother India. Those genes weren’t Aryan after all – but I wouldn’t have it otherwise either.

Anyway. So, as I turned 32 this year, I decided to upgrade my skincare routine to make room for some *ahmcoughantiagingcough* products. I have been using an eye cream on and off for last few months, and had been toying with the idea of retinol for a while as well. I hadn’t jumped on board because I had heard mixed reviews about it. The most common side effects of retinol that I had heard of were that it makes your skin extra sensitive, causes peeling and dryness, and can lead to skin thinning.

But then a friend, who is a mother of two and has healthy skin, told me that she has been using retinol for 3 years and it has worked just fine for her. The only pieces of advice that she gave me were to not expose my skin to sun after applying it (so ideally wear it at night) and do not use it if you are pregnant. Got it.

Around the same time, I got an opportunity to collaborate with KU2 Cosmetics, and hence decided to try their retinol serum (they have an extensive range of hair and skin care products).

About the KU2 Cosmetics’ Retinol Serum:

Retinol is essentially a concoction that is rich in vitamin A and antioxidants, and claims to be anti-aging, regenerate at structural level (activate body’s own protein production of collagens and elastin to strengthen the skin), reduce pores and help sooth acne and pigment spots (thus making skin appear brighter). KU2 Cosmetics’ Retinol Serum comes in a small bottle of 30ml, with a dropper, and costs 49€.

KU2 Cosmetics’ Retinol Serum

My experience with KU2 Cosmetics’ Retinol Serum:

I have normal skin, with some open pores around my nose and light scars from post-waxing acne. And that is what I was hoping that KU2 Cosmetics’ Retinol Serum would help me with.

Retinol is known to be a powerful ingredient, so my first surprise was how gentle it was on my skin. I was expecting some tingle on my first application, but it went on smoothly. Also, it is lighter than most serums that I have used, and absorbs into the skin rather quickly. There was no sticky situation after.

Before and After:

I have been using KU2 Cosmetics’ Retinol Serum for about 10 days now, and took photos on the first day (before application), as well as on the 9th day. In a week, my pores have shrunk visibly! I wasn’t expecting it to work so fast. But when I took the pictures, and compared, there they were – shrunken. I probably couldn’t see it because I see my face every day, and pores are tiny. The zoom in helped me see the difference, and it has only been 9 days. Shook.

KU2 Cosmetics’ Retinol Serum
No filter pictures – before and after

As far as skin brightening and scar reduction goes, I think I need to use it for some more time to decide how I feel about it. I will report back in a month.

KU2 Cosmetics’ Retinol Serum
No filter pictures – before and after

How to use KU2 Cosmetics’ Retinol Serum:

Remove makeup and cleanse. Apply an eye cream (optional). Then, use the KU2 Cosmetics’ Retinol Serum’s dropper to dispense the product directly on your skin (face, neck and décolletage) and massage upwards; it absorbs very quickly. Wait a few minutes (like5-7) and if your skin feels dry after, apply your favourite moisturiser (I didn’t feel the need). And viola!


This would have made a perfect Mother’s Day present. So, buying it before my next trip back home for Mother India.