Chancellor Merkel’s 10-point interim plan to resume business-as-usual in Germany


Chancellor Angela Merkel and heads of German federal states have today finalised an interim plan to ease Germany back into life as we knew it before social distancing, quarantine and work from home became the way of life. Whatever measures the government has been taken so far have worked, as despite the alarming increase in number of Covid’19 cases and deaths in our neighbouring countries, Germany has managed to keep the number of fatalities to a comparative low. And that makes me believe that the following measures would and could actually work to manage the situation.

I have summarised it here for you, in points format, for better understanding and ease of reading.

  1. Schools would reopen from May 4th, initially for students in their final years of primary or secondary school.
  2. A plan with further steps on how to resume teaching as a whole will be discussed on April 29th.
  3. Emergency care (in kitas and schools) will be continued and expanded to other professional and need groups.
  4. Shops of up to 800 square metres in size, as well as bookshops, bike stores and car dealerships, will open again from April 20th.
  5. Hairdressing salons will also reopen from May 4th and have been directed to take special steps to guarantee customers’ hygiene.
  6. Large cultural events, such as concerts and beer festivals, will remain banned until the end of August.
  7. Meetings in churches, mosques and synagogues as well as religious celebrations and events should initially not take place. 
  8. It is recommended to to wear protective masks on public transport and while shopping, but not mandatory.
  9. Citizens are urged to continue to do hold off private trips and visits.
  10. Social distancing measures will remain in place until May 3rd.

The situation will be once again evaluated by the Chancellor and head of states on May 4th to reevaluate the development and decide on further measures.

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