WorkfromHomeFashion – it is a thing, and here is what your favourite influencers are wearing (Part l)

Work from home fashion and outfits

We are in week 3 of working from home. And by we, I mean most of you. I recently wrote about being productive while working from home, and one of the pointers was to dress for the part.

Rules change only slightly when it comes to dressing to work from home. Personally, I need them to be CC – cute and comfy. But now that we are all working from home, the inspiration spectrum has widened considerably and I am here to share some OOTD ideas that I have been crushing on. Disclaimer: I found way too many outfits that I loved, but for the sake of space and your time, I have shortlisted them to include only my absolute favourites. Even then, there will have to be two parts, because no one wants a post that requires 100 scrolls to get to the end.

So, are you ready? Here’s some inspiration on how to dress to work from home:

Starting with my personal aesthetic – comfy, cool and cute

Sweatshirts and hoodies are #WFHfashion approved. Just keep it stylish.

For some extra jazz, add in a couple of necklaces and Tan France’s french tuck.

Galactic, with some lamé and inner glow

Keep it together, and colourful

Block it all – colour, patterns and negativity

Print me beautiful because lawn is still in vogue

Not all prints are floral and paisley, as exhibited below.

WFH fashion has but one commandment – no denim, unless…

You are Mehwish Hayat and have a Laz-Z tee

Federica with a self-illustrated tee

Or Molly’s cropped wide-legged denims

Monochrome, but make it fashion

There is something about blue on blue – denim fetish reimagined.

Match your wallpaper, but only if it’s floral

And throw in a quirky shoe.

Throw in all your favourites and go for a ride, in your backyard

Soak in some winter sun, before we say adieu to winter fashion

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