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Internet usage is off the charts since we all started staying in; ask any blogger and s/he would concur. My own blog numbers are 160% this month compared to last month. Having established the importance of online and its movers/shakers, I thought to create a ‘Guide to Life in Times of Corona’, as told by some of your favourite influencers.

First thing first.

Starting the day with some yoga.

Then move to your house. It’s time for spring cleaning anyway.

And don’t forget the windows.

It’s also a great time to go through your closet and maybe…downsize?

That boxed of tangled necklaces? Time to sort it out.

Get crafty. Draw. Paint. Sing. Dance. Pottery.

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Activity #2 Focus & let go

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Learn/enhance a skill. Like video editing.

Catch up on reading.

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tl;dr Stay home and stay safe! 🌻 – -🌻Remember how you would daydream about staying home and watching TV all day? Learning French? Learning how to cook? Finishing that novel? Now that you have the opportunity to do so, why not comply? I do understand that it can be difficult to not go out, hangout with friends, go to your favorite hangout spot, but now more than ever we need to be responsible. It’s just a matter of days that decides our fate as a nation — if we isolate ourselves now we will be able to avoid a crazy spike in cases and deaths. If not… god forbid we will be headed towards an Italy like situation. Ask yourself, would you rather practice some self-discipline now or face complete economic, social and political breakdown later? I’ve heard people say, ‘oh I don’t mind if I got the virus, I’m young, I’m strong, I’ll recover. I’m gonna go out.’ In times like these please remember, it’s NOT ABOUT YOU. It’s about the vulnerable, exposed population and your loved ones that will be at risk because of you! Stay home to protect the elderly, the immunocompromised and the poor who have no option but to go out and earn. I used to go out every other day, hangouts, collabs, work etc but keeping in mind the gravity of the situation I put an immediate stop to all of that. Hangouts, chilling yaeh sab kuchh houga, agar hum rahen tou. Hamari sehat nae ijazat dee tou. Apna aur hum SAB ka khayal rakhen. Ghhar pae rahen. #ehtiyatcorona #gharparrahona

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Add a few books for self-development.

If you could cuddle by a fireplace or fairy lights, to read, even better!

Home spa with your bae – genius!

Or by yourself. It’s self-care that matters.

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💦🦠With all the hand washing that were doing to kill any germs that may be on our hands -PLEASSSEEEE KEEP IT UP and don’t forget to PRACTISE SOCIAL DISTANCING.. idk about you but my hands are becoming ROUGH. They’re SO DRY and PAINFUL and CRACKING, so I thought id share this easy recipe that you SLATHER ON BEFORE BED to wake up to nice soft hands. . 🤗ALL THE INGREDIENTS CAN BE FOUND ON AMAZON so no need to step out of the house to get them and ive also used these ingredients in previous DIY videos cuz MULTI-USE is my fav kinda use, so some of you might have them already too which is yayyys! . 😍ALL YOU NEED: ❤️SHEA BUTTER – 2 TBSP 🌵OIL OF YOUR CHOICE – IM USING HEMP – 2TBSP 🌿ALOE VERA GEL (U CAN SKIP THIS IF U DONT HAVE IT) – 2TBSP 🌹ESSENTIAL OIL OF YOUR CHOICE – IM USING ROSE.. but you can skip this if u dont have it. This is just for scent. – ~10 drops . 🌪WHIP EVERYTHING UP like that whipped coffee everyone been drinking lately And then transfer to a container 😴USE EVERY NIGHT ***you can also use this during the day but it is HEAVY so I find it more comfortable to sleep with it on, to wake up to brand new hands*** . 🙌🏽I also use this on my ELBOWS, KNEES, FEET, LIPS…basically anywhere that’s dusty and crackly . 🙆🏽‍♀️I ALSO USE THIS IN MY HAIR.. which ill show you in another video how I blow dry my hair with this! . 🥰STAY SAFE EVERYONE! Dont forget to wash your hands, use this, practise social distancing and CALL YOUR FAMILY, FRIENDS, NEIGHBOURS to check up on them! We can still be there for each-other while being apart. . 👍🏾LIKE THIS VIDEO FOR MORE DIY and DONT FORGET TO TAG A DRY HANDED FRIEND👇🏽 . 🎵SONG: @imdylanlongworth – HAUNTED . #farahdhukai #diy #socialdistancing #diyvideo #selfcare

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When was the last time you took a long, luxe bath?

Well, what better time than now. Self care = self love.

It’s very important to keep moving – Home. Workout. Yas!

Fresh air in times of Quarantine is gold. Bike rides, anyone?

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Instead of taking an evening walk with the children today, we decided to bike for exercise and fresh air, while making sure at no point do we violate the restriction in place in Holland viz a viz social distancing. Here are my re-realisations: . 1. Having 'not getting fresh air' on your list of worries today means you are extremely privileged. Yet, not getting fresh air brings REAL challenges to maintain mental wellness, identified as a serious problem by experts quite rightly so. With social distancing comes the problem of ISOLATION, feared to spike depression and suicides. I get why . 2. In order to stay positive, one needs just the basics – the blue sky, greenery and the sight of 'life' . A detox from shopping, restaurants and modern day entertainment may just prove that we're not all that dependant on them in order to lead content lives . 3. Without meaningful human interaction, we all feel incomplete – so, grateful for all the relationships Allah has blessed me with that I can enjoy in normal life . 4. The sun is the centre of existence. It fills me up with warmth and light, making me believe that there IS something good waiting at the end of the tunnel . 5. My kids enjoy simple activities. If I don't fill up their room with expensive toys, I do the right thing . 6. Rotterdam is not Schaffhausen, but it still is a lot. As I slow down along with the rest of the world, I see in it things that I wasn't able to clearly see before. Going through uncomfortable changes is THE way to focus on the pluses . 7. Getting ready gives me energy, coz I do it for me, not for people to see . Having shared with you my thoughts of the day, I would like to stress: – follow your respective country's restrictions in place for COVID 19 crisis. If you're not allowed to go out for a walk, plz don't. – always maintain 2m distance from others. If you don't have areas around you where you can be well spaced out, don't go – avoid flocking around popular natural areas like parks, lakesides, beaches etc. If everyone is there together, it defeats social distancing – Don't go out to enjoy nature in groups of friends – come home and wash hands according to WHO guidelines FIRST THING

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Or maybe just a walk in the wild?

Team building activities = Grand Theft Auto Marathon

Or just be cute together. Make that VERY cute.

Talk a walk together, and pause to kiss. But only once in a long while.

At the end of the day, remind yourself that you are cute. It’s the age of self love.

And whatever you do, don’t forget social distancing! Please faasla banaye raakhein.

And wash your hands.