How to win the Corona life, as told by your favourite influencers

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Internet usage is off the charts since we all started staying in; ask any blogger and s/he would concur. My own blog numbers are 160% this month compared to last month. Having established the importance of online and its movers/shakers, I thought to create a ‘Guide to Life in Times of Corona’, as told by some of your favourite influencers.

First thing first.

Starting the day with some yoga.

Then move to your house. It’s time for spring cleaning anyway.

And don’t forget the windows.

It’s also a great time to go through your closet and maybe…downsize?

That boxed of tangled necklaces? Time to sort it out.

Get crafty. Draw. Paint. Sing. Dance. Pottery.

Learn/enhance a skill. Like video editing.

Catch up on reading.

Add a few books for self-development.

If you could cuddle by a fireplace or fairy lights, to read, even better!

Home spa with your bae – genius!

Or by yourself. It’s self-care that matters.

When was the last time you took a long, luxe bath?

Well, what better time than now. Self care = self love.

It’s very important to keep moving – Home. Workout. Yas!

Fresh air in times of Quarantine is gold. Bike rides, anyone?

Or maybe just a walk in the wild?

Team building activities = Grand Theft Auto Marathon

Or just be cute together. Make that VERY cute.

Talk a walk together, and pause to kiss. But only once in a long while.

At the end of the day, remind yourself that you are cute. It’s the age of self love.

And whatever you do, don’t forget social distancing! Please faasla banaye raakhein.

And wash your hands.

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