EhtiyatCorona: What to do if your house help contracts Covid19?

What to do if your house help contracts Covid19?

Maids, cooks, drivers and/or cleaning staff are a rather common fixture in most Pakistani households. These men and women come from underprivileged households, with little to no access to either healthcare or education. With Corona causing all kinds of anxieties, further fuelled by fake news and sensationalism, some people make deplorable mistakes that are guided by self-interest. In the light of recent events, I thought it is a good time to remind everyone who has the privilege of house help of their responsibilities towards people working in our homes.

💥 If they travel to your house, please let them have a month off but pay for it (like @awardrobeaffair did – so proud!) . Their commute is a health hazard to them and you.
💥 If your employee lives with you, keep an eye on their health and hygiene, even if for purely selfish reasons.
💥 In case one of them gets infected, DO NOT SEND THEM HOME (where ever it might be). You are educated, resourceful and hopefully responsible – please help them in their time of need. Get them treated and find a place within your home for them to self-isolate. When you ask/allow them to go home, not only are you risking health of ALL the passengers on their bus/train but also their families.
💥 If anyone who shares a roof with you tests positive for the virus, please get your entire family as well as other employees in the house tested. You have resources to hire them, I hope you can manage to pay for their tests as well.
💥 As everyone is maintaining social distance, make sure they have entertainment options to kill time as well – TV, WiFI password, board games, etc.

I think it is irresponsible to make a Corona infected person decide the course of action, when they may or may not be fully aware of the consequences of their actions. Share all that you know, and urge them to make a responsible decision. Remember that it is a man who needs your job and money to feed his family, and will be motivated to throw caution to air if need be.

It’s in times like these that we reveal our true selves. Please make sure that the way you behave now is a source of pride and not shame once all of this is over.

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