Corona virus self-assessment + what to do if you need medical help (Berlin)

Corono Virus Self Assessment

How do you know when a sneeze should be taken seriously? When it is nothing but allergy? When to call for help and when to calm yourself down? When it it…Corona (virus)?

From what I have read so far from people in Berlin, getting to Corona helpline is a struggle. And to be honest, I am not surprised. We often act in a very selfish manner, depriving someone in need, for our own benefit. A lot of people dial in for the helpline when they truly have no serious symptoms, and maybe that can be managed if people understood what are the symptoms that should be treated as red flags.

Alberta Health Services has created an online self-assessment system that you can use to identify if you truly need help.

To do the Corona virus self-assessment, please use this link.

In the unfortunate event that the assessment comes out positive, what should you do? Tagesspiegel did an excellent article to sum up the situation in Berlin, and the following information was shared for those infected:

Health Senator Kalayci has set up a central corona hotline. It can be reached daily from 8 to 20 o’clock and the phone number is 030/90282828 (it is 0049/30/90282828 in case you call from a line abroad). Because several hundred calls were recently received daily, the hotline staff has been reinforced. Nevertheless, there are still long waiting times in some cases.

If you have slight cold symptoms, it is best to contact a local general practitioner by telephone – recently it has also become possible to take sick leave for up to seven days, the regulation is valid until 5 April. The sick note is then sent by post.

For parents of sick children, the following applies: In the case of an upper respiratory tract illness, the doctor can certify that the parents are unable to work. Prerequisite: In the last 14 days there must have been demonstrable contact with persons who have fallen ill with the coronavirus or have been in a risk area.

Anyone who has had contact with a confirmed corona patient in the past two weeks should stay at home and contact the responsible health authority. 

These are the six contact points at hospitals in Berlin for Corona Virus

The following six contact points are open:

  • Charité site Virchow in Wedding (Mittelallee 1; open daily from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.)
  • Gemeinschaftskrankenhaus Havelhöhe in Spandau (House 16, Kladower Damm 221, open Mon-Fri 9-20 h)
  • Vivantes Clinic in Prenzlauer Berg (Diesterwegstraße, Mon-Fri 10-19 h, Sat/Sun 10-17 h)
  • Vivantes-Wenckebach-Klinikum in Tempelhof (Albrechtstraße, Mo-Fr 10-19 Uhr, Sa/So 10-17 Uhr)
  • Protestant Hospital Queen Elisabeth Herzberge in Lichtenberg (House 19, Herzbergstraße 79, Mon-Fri: 10-19 h, Sat/Sun 10-17 h)
  • DRK-Klinikum Westend in Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf (House 10, Spandauer Damm 130, Mon-Fri: 9-15 o’clock)

The following applies to all clinics: Please do not go there just like that, but contact them by telephone first.

In the case of the Charité, the two Vivantes Clinics, the Herzberge Clinic and the Westend Clinic, people who suspect an infection should contact the hotline of the Senate Health Administration (Tel. 030/90282828, daily 8-8 o’clock) to find out whether testing for the coronavirus is advisable before visiting.

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