Should environment pay the price of our skincare? HelloBody doesn’t think so.

HelloBody, Bamboo reusable makeup remover pads

Makeup and skincare are notorious industries when it comes to being eco-friendly and kind to our environment. From animal testing to non-recyclable plastic packaging, hidden steroids to promoting false beauty standards, the industry has been accused of it all, and mostly for the right reasons. Thankfully, there has been a shift in recent times, and more brands are now investing in R&D to do better; new entrants to the market are founding their businesses with values such as animal friendliness and 100% natural ingredients, and accessibility of both for people like you and I is better than ever before.

In my field of work (my superpower is blogging), I have the privilege of learning about many mainstream and upcoming beauty brands, and trying out a fair share of them as well. And in the spirit of #BetterwithCherryCross initiative, I want to share about one such brand with you. A brand that cares for your skin as well as the environment.  

Hello Body Aloé Tonic (PCR) Daily Face AHA Exfoliator

I came across HelloBody during Berlin Fashion Week, and read up more on them later. I also tried 3 of their products, which were all pretty good. Can I find similar products elsewhere? Yes. Yet, I want to talk about HelloBody only because while there might be similar products (results-wise) in the market, there are very few that are made the way HelloBody products are made.

To begin with, HelloBody products are engineered for a younger demographic – women in their 20s and 30s. Then, 98% of the ingredients in all their products are natural. They are aiming for a 100%, but that would require some more time and heavy investment in R&D. Their products are free of parabens, sulphates, microplastics, aluminium, denatured alcohol, mineral oils and waxes.

All products are packaged in 100% recyclable paper or plastic, and the tubes currently consist at least 55% recycled material. They are trying to shift majorly to glass from plastic, as former is comparatively easier to recycle and does not release toxins into the environment in the process.

None of HelloBody products are tested on animals, and part of their range is vegan as well. They are all made in Germany (high five for contained carbon footprint) and adhere by the European law (which prohibits animal testing, by the way; so all made-in-Germany product are kind to animals).

HelloBody Cara Look Illuminating Eye Cream

I know this sounds like an advert but it is not. My aims with sharing details about HelloBody’s ethos and way of production is to 1) inform you about existence of such a brand in Germany and 2) equip you with what to look out for when making purchases – ingredients, packaging, animal testing, carbon footprint, etc.

Berlin is a very special city in the regard – folks here are comparatively more woke when it comes to sustainability and eco-friendly choices. This also makes it easier for me to find brands and products that are ethical, eco-friendly and have embraced sustainable practices, and I can share them forward with you, my dear reader.

I am trying to do better, as a person and a consumer, and I am far from where I want to be, but I realised that I need to start from somewhere, anywhere, to help push that change that I so desperately want to see in the world.  The change that we now NEED to help our planet survive.

P.S The HelloBody products that I have tried are:

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