I created my first PayPal account in 2014, essentially to facilitate payments for Cherry Cross. I lived in Dubai back then, and although their financial systems are as modern and technologically advanced as it gets, online payments from outside the country were still relatively complicated. Hence, PayPal.

With time, more and more merchants embraced PayPal, offering an option to pay through it for your online purchases. It also became popular in consumers because it does not charge you anything for a payment, was widely accepted and relatively safer. You could either connect your bank account or deposit money into the PayPal account, and use it to pay sellers online. They also offer buyers protection program, which I had heard of but hadn’t used, until recently. 

So what happened was that I purchased a service online, from a website that I had never engaged with before. There is a golden rule in the world of online shopping – if the merchant is unknown, pay via PalPal. If they don’t offer PayPal, look for another seller. This precious nugget of information is brought to you by Nouman Zakir.

I did my preliminary checks, and the website did accept PayPal. I continued with my purchase, and awaited delivery. Unfortunately, the service was not what was promised or what I had paid for. I waited two more days, and nothing changed. So, I decided to ask for a refund.

This is where PayPal saved the day. I went back to my account, and raised a request for refund. This is where the buyer’s protection comes into play. Not all online sellers offer refund. But if you purchase via PayPal and your product is not what was promised, you are eligible to request for a refund. PayPal asks you to write in your case, then connects you with the seller to try and come to a mutually agreed arrangement. If that works, super, and if it doesn’t, then one of the involved parties escalates the claim to PayPal.

PayPal reviews statements submitted by both parties as well as the exchange between the two, and decides on a solution. It doesn’t matter whether the seller offers a refund policy or not; with PayPal, when justified, you can always claim a refund when delivery doesn’t match the order. When my order was delivered, it was anything but what I had paid for. I requested for a refund via PayPal, and they connected me with the seller. We tried to reach a solution but when it did not work, I escalated the claim to PayPal and crossed my fingers.

In a couple of days, I was notified via email that my claim has been settled and that I will get 100% refund. I was truly happy to hear that as it not only helped me get my money back but also communicated to the seller to be honest with their wares.

Hence, I am a loyal PayPal-er (actually I was even before this particular incident), and you? Do you use PayPal or any other online payment platforms other than your bank’s online banking?