One Minute TV Series Review: What the Love! with Karan Johar (Netflix)


Name: What The Love? With Karan Johar

Language: Hindi / English

Genre: Reality Show / Drama

Released in: January 2020 

Starring: Karan Johar, with 6 participants and celebrity guests like Saif Ali Khan, Huma Qureshi, Ali Fazal and Sunny Leone.

Available on: Netflix

Review: You can love him or cringe at his mention, but Karan Johar is a force and a guilty pleasure for one too many. In his latest show for Netflix, What the Love! with Karan Johar, he has vowed to help millennials find love. He picks six contestants from his Singles Party in episode one, and works with each of them individually to help them become ready for love. He gives them pep talks, arranges a prep date with celebrities, then sends them off for a mind makeover, followed by some shamazing with beauty and fashion stylists, and finally two dates with people he thinks will tick all the boxes for his protégés.

I found the first episode difficult to get through, and I can imagine you might want to not continue after it. But stop! It gets better, truly. What I enjoyed the most was how KJo and his team unearths underlying issues with millennials, from societal pressure to insecurities, and walks them through each of their hurdles. I found the mind makeover most interesting, and something we can all use at some point in our lives. For example, do you often not attempt to do something from the fear of rejection? Do you sometimes get so in your own head that you can’t seem to loosen up and just have fun? Do you use humour to guard your heart? Have you laughed at something that made you incredibly sad? I have, and hence I could relate to most of it. 

It’s KJo, so there is a bit of cringe here and there (but not because of him). I love his pep talks and prep dates. I actually found both the hair and fashion stylists meh. They were like Kammo buaa in The Kamil Sharma Show. Also, I waited for that big climax, but it never came. I guess he really wanted to stick to the fairy tale endings in this show as well.

Overall, it was a good watch. Get a friend to watch it with you, so you can exchange notes and judge the show, hosts, celebs and participants from the comfort of your own couch.

Rating: 3.5/5

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