RajanKaKarachi ep.3 – Raat ki Rani

I collected my luggage, and started walking towards the exit. My excitement was at the forefront again, and I was eagerly waiting to see my parents. It had been too darn long. I wasn’t expecting them to be there already, as Mother India had told me that they’d come between 5:00 – 5:15AM, and my flight had landed 15 minutes early. I walked towards a mobile kiosk to recharge my prepaid Ufone account. I was surprised that it was still working after being switched off for 18 month.

I called dad, and to my utter surprise, they were already at the entrance! I saw them a few minutes later, hugged mom, hauled luggage in the trunk with dad, parked the trolley at a corner, and got on our way to home.

I rolled down the window and looked out. It was still dark, and the city looked beautiful while asleep. Streets appeared cleaner, lanterns brightened the way, and the air was its usual balmy self. I took a deep breath, to take it all in. I could feel it deep within my soul – I was home.

Karachi is a city of lights, and they shine brighter in dark. I have always liked my city better at night; there’s usually a cool breeze, people tend to smile more as they lounge around to sip tea or have a bun kebab, fluorescent lights wash away the city’s grime and lends it an almost romantic feel, streets are a little less chaotic and if you go to a secluded spot on the beach, you can hear the waves crash at the shore while the moon looks down at you, smiling.

Karachi, at night, is the most sensual lover you can have. It can sing sonnets and ravish you like a savage in the same breath.  

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