Black Friday Sales in Germany

Black Friday Sales in Germany - Shaheen Rajan

Someone asked someone about best black friday sales in Germany, and that someone asked the first someone to checkout my blog as I might have some information about it. The first someone then asked me, and this is how this post came into an existence.

Here’s the problem – I don’t shop very often when there is a sale. I am not a shopaholic per se. Yes, I do like shopping every now and then, but I don’t go out to shop specifically when there is a sale if I don’t need something at the moment. I am more like ‘out to buy a dress for my wedding anniversary and saw a cute shirt on sale, so bought that as well’.

This attitude stems from a number of reasons. First, I don’t like shopping when there are too many people. I won’t queue up for a try-room, as where’s the fun in that? Second, as apartments are relatively smaller here than, say, our house in Karachi, I have learnt to respect limited space. I don’t have an endless closet space, so only pieces that matter can stay. And lastly, I don’t enjoy hoarding anymore. It’s a pain when you have to move, and as an expat, you have to move.

Having said that, there are instances when I do shop during a sale. Actually, there is only one. If an item is on either my ‘need’ or ‘want’ list, then I would 100% consider shopping during sale season. For example, I need a dishwasher and I bought it from OTTO during black Friday (was for 799€ and I got it 529€ (including shipping). I also need a winter jacket, and intend on checking out Uniqlo, Jack Wolfskin and Amazon. But the rule stays – it has to be first on the list and then I look for it, and not that I find it during the sale and then justify it either as a want or need.

Maybe it is Germany, but I have become more conscious about my consuming patterns. I like finer things in life but I am not a hoarder anymore, and I think that makes it easier for me to turn away from sales without remorse. Also, if I like something, I will keep it and use it for years. I mean, I still have clothes from 2008!

Now back to the main question – where do you find best sales in Germany during black Friday? Everywhere. Most stores, including discount ones, have at least some things on sale. Previously, I have bought home appliances from Saturn and Media Markt, and now OTTO. That’s all for my personal experience. It is clearly not enough to help you, so below I am listing stores that offer Black Friday deals (courtesy, so you can check them out if you wanted something from them. Just be mindful, of your needs, pocket, and environment.

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