Travelogue: Barcelona, a vibe – Part 3/3

Temple Expiatori del Sagrat Cor, Barcelona

… in continuation from part 2

So, we are now on the last day in Barcelona. We have already had a massive breakfast in the hotel, briefly checked out Sagrada Familia (which reminded me of a massive, melting candle – like the one at Stranero Berlin. Ask me for a picture if you would like to see it) and were now on our way to Temple Expiatori del Sagrat Cor.

Temple of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Remember I mentioned the pink, glowing church we saw from National Museum of Arts Catalonia? Turns out, it is a Roman Catholic church and minor basilica located on the summit of Mount Tibidabo in Barcelona. For some insane reason, I really wanted to go there. So off we went!

First thing to know – it is really far. We took a train and arrived at a bus station. It turned out that our Hola Barcelona Cards were not valid and that we needed to buy another set of tickets from a nearby kiosk (they cost 12€ for a return trip). It also included unlimited access to a few rides (I had no idea that there was an amusement park up there!)

The drive up was equal parts exciting and scary (acrophobia) for me. Roads were steep but not extremely narrow, and the views made for a great distraction. When we arrived, we walked some to get to the church, and realised that it was a legit amusement park (Tibidabo Amusement Park) next to the church, with most activities being children-centric.

We went inside the church, said a little prayer, and then went about exploring. I think we got really lucky during this trip as we got to see all of Barcelona from the top, both during the day and at night. This church is on a mountain, and we saw all of the city and sea splayed in front of us. It was quite a sight.

Tibidabo Amusement Park)

If you have children, this would be a perfect spot to spend the day. There are a few rides (including Ferris wheel, carousel and bucket ride), fast food options, museum and some more activities (you can check out all the attractions on their website –

I have a fear of heights, but I suppose this particular day was meant for madness, so I decided to go up in a bucket for panoramic views of the city. It is about 551ft above the sea level. We got in, along with 3 more people. There were no harnesses or belts. It was just us, in a yellow swinging bucket, up above the world so high. I clutched N’s shirt so hard that it was all crumpled by the time we got off. Also, I didn’t look down, not even once. I felt my legs ready to give in under me; I think the fear that any movement would swing the bucket perilously kept me upright. My heart all but stopped. It was stunning, but so so scary.

We came down, and I patted myself on the back for doing it. Facing my fears (kind of). But also resolved never to do something as stupid as this again. Who hangs up in the hair without any sort of protection? Not me!

After the ride of the year, we looked around for food options. I desperately wanted to eat local at least once before getting on the plane back to Berlin, but as fate would have it, there weren’t any decent options around. And we were on a schedule. So, we skipped food, and got on our way to the airport. It took about 2 hours to get there.

Birthday Dinner

We had McDonalds for N’s birthday dinner, sitting on the floor, outside the check-in terminal at Josep Tarradellas Barcelona-El Prat Airport. If it were me, I would have been devastated to have no bells and ribbons for my birthday dinner, but N couldn’t have cared less. He’s got his priorities right, and believes that moments matter more (at least more than food). Bless him.

Back to Berlin

An uneventful flight later, we arrived back in Berlin around 11:30pm, amidst fog so thick that we couldn’t see the ground after we had landed. Hello winters!

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