21 Gift ideas for new mommies (every friend deserves a push present!)

Gift ideas for new mommies

I have been on a lookout for a nice gift for a friend who has recently delivered an adorable baby girl. I didn’t know what I wanted, but just that it needs to be for the mom. I think mothers deserve to be celebrated – childbirth is freaking hard, and that is just the beginning. There are years of toughing it out ahead, so a new mommy deserves all the love she can get. Also, most people gift baby things anyway. And I have no idea what a 4-month-old baby needs. So, this is truly a win-win. You can’t go wrong with personalized gifts like stickable photo tiles. You can pop in photos from a newborn photoshoot for the new mother to cherish for years to come.

I know that one aspect that new mothers can struggle with is helping their little one to get to sleep. For example, at around 4 months of age, babies start to explore for the first time. They begin rolling over, squirming, and gaining more motor control. Unfortunately, this means that they also start to sleep less. During this time, instead of enjoying 16 hours of sleep, babies get closer to eight hours a night, uninterrupted, and can also get away with four hours of napping spread throughout the day. Accordingly, babies often go through a few different sleep regression ages and this can have an impact on both mother and baby. Giving gifts that promote sleep is therefore a popular choice.

Anyway, I asked you guys on Instagram to help me out and had some really good responses. So I am compiling them here, so if anyone needs gift ideas in the future, they know where to find them.

  1. I bought a customised lavender gift set from LUSH. It includes shower essentials, bath bomb and body cream. Lavender is known for it’s relaxing properties, so it seemed apt.
  2. I also bought a few slices of her favourite cake. She’s particular about halal ingredients in baked goodies, so I got it from Cafe Chokkolatta on Müllerstraße. An edible treat is ALWAYS a good idea.

Other ideas:

  1. Face masks, so she can get much deserved R&R
  2. Scented candles – life is better when aromatic.
  3. Massage vouchers – if she prefers a particular place, go for it. Otherwise, there is Groupon and Treatwell.
  4. Gift sets from Rituals – I bought them for my sisters too. Just the fragrance is enough to bring down the crazy a notch.
  5. At home grooming kit – it can be a mani/pedi set or a box hair removal supplies.
  6. Chocolates – be sure to know what kind they like. It’s not fun when you only eat 70% and above, and someone gets you Cadbury Diary Milk.
  7. Body creams – try for something a little special than Nivea and Dove. Maybe L’Occitane?
  8. Flowers – guaranteed to bring a smile to her face.
  9. Home cooked meals – a hot bowl of daal and chawal, with a side of shami kebab goes a LONG way.
  10. Babysitting – so they can sleep uninterrupted for a few hours.
  11. Home cleaning services – if you are in Germany, there is Helpling, SpicAndSpan and BookaTiger.
  12. Body scrubs – something not too abrasive, and has a decadent fragrance. BodyShop?
  13. Luxe hand creams – I can vouch for L’Occitane and Molten Brown.
  14. Professional babysitter services so the couple can have a date night or just sleep
  15. Massage oils – Yves Rocher and Rituals both have delicious body and hair massage oils.
  16. Their favourite snacks – potato chips, popcorns, ice cream, something spicy, pickles, peanut butter, nutella jar, cheeses, french fries, cookies – pull out the stops.
  17. Hamam – Get her a voucher, so she can make a spa day of it.
  18. At home salon services – nothing like a manicure, pedicure or facial to make life better.
  19. Bras – post baby, eveything is different and most mothers need to go for new intimates. So a gift voucher for a lingerie store is a fab idea!

Also, tons and tons of compassion. And do not go on with unsolicited advice – if they need an opinion, they will ask for it.

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