Shaheen Rajan

I am a brownie and by default, I struggle with winters. Not the mild, delicious Karachi winters; the I-can’t-feel-my-toes ones in Berlin. So I asked for help on stories, and some of my seasoned Berliners came forward with AMAZING advice.

I know that many people struggle with these seasonal blues, so here I am, sharing 10 most recommended tips to help you stay human (and not turn into a sloth):

1. Supplements – check if you need some extra magnesium, vitamin D and/or b12. Also, cranberry juice helps boost happy hormones too.

2. Quick shower first thing in the morning (not happening for me)

3. 25-30 minutes workout first thing in the morning (I need 2 hours to thaw when I wake up, so also not for me)

4. Yerba Mate (coffee alternate, keen to try)

5. Philip’s Wakeup Light

6. Adequate water intake (keep a bottle with you always)

7. Stay out of bed, no matter how much you want to stay in (so so so hard; also, still in bed)

8. Less sugar, more protein and keep an eye on your coffee/tea consumption

9. Allergy tests, and yes, you can get allergies as an adult, especially when relocating across continents

10. Get your thyroid tested (sure, will do, for the 7th time)

And my favourite tip, which no one suggested but I will share anyway – hugs. Lots and lots of hugging and cuddling (with friends, partner, mom). Nothing will ever trump human warmth ❤

Share this post with friends and family. We all need a reminder from time to time, and a little bit of a push 🙏

Stay warm folk(ses)!