Review: VIVID Grand Show at Friedrichstadt Palast, Berlin

Vivid Grand Show at Friedrichstadt Palast, Berlin

VIVID Grand Show is currently showing in Berlin, and I went to watch it last night. 

About the show:

It is a revue (a light theatrical entertainment consisting of a series of short sketches, songs, and dances, typically dealing satirically with topical issues), a home production by the Friedrichstadt-Palast in Berlin and is the successor show of THE ONE Grand Show. With a production budget of twelve million euros, VIVID is the most expensive production in the history of the Friedrichstadt-Palast. The creative team for the show worked in five time zones, from Melbourne via Berlin to Las Vegas. The cherry on top – Philip Treacy, the world’s most famous milliner according to The Times, designed the head pieces for the show.


Young R’eye is separated from her father and transformed into an android – half human, half machine. Although her life is now subject to external control, her yearning for freedom lives on. And, indeed, one day she does begin moving to a different beat. With the bright-eyed wonder of a child, she beholds the world with new eyes and perceives the overwhelming beauty of things that we often overlook.


I found the first half of the show a little slow. There were one to two minute fillers every now and then, and the sketches seemed disjointed to have much of an impact. Second half seemed to pick up the slack and deliver. The acrobatics had me at the edge of my seat. Then came the ‘Double Wheels of Steel’  act of the Latin American quartet The Navas Troupe had me equal parts scared and excited. It was so exhilarating to watch men jump rope on a steel wheel, more than 10 feet up from the ground, without as much as a thread for their safety.

I recently saw Moulin Rouge in Paris, and that may have ruined one too many productions for me. What could have worked better for VIVID was more interaction and warmth between the artists (there were about a 100 of them). Also, outfits could use some glam.

All in all, it was an enjoyable watch. Friedrichstadt Palast is a beautiful venue, and the main characters of the show are truly entertaining. Amber Schoop, Devi-Ananda and Glacéia Henderson Hopkins have incredibly beautiful voices and their singing was one of my most favourite bits about VIVID.

Vivid Grand Show at Friedrichstadt Palast, Berlin

Should you go watch it? Yes.

Recording was prohibited, other than the finale. So here you go – finale of VIVID Grand Show at Friedrichstadt Palast, Berlin.

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