5 Restaurant Reviews in 2 Minutes – Risa, Mandi, Apna Punjab, Sadhu & Tutti Island

Shaheen Rajan

I have a new concept for food reviews folk(ses)! So, I eat out often but not every restaurant and cafe deserves an entire post. But, the ones that don’t are equally important because those are the ones that you and I go to more often (easily accessible and pocket friendly). I want to include them here, so what I will do is that I will club them together and do a super quick review. You can bookmark the good ones and save them in a list on Google Maps called ‘from Cherry Cross, with pyaar’. Something less cheasy would work too. 

Let’s get down to our first five:


Fried chicken just got helal. It is as native to Berlin as Berghain (jokes!), and there are multiple outlets across the city. It has a menu very similar to KFC, but the portion of their fries are on steroids – SO MANY FRIES! If you fancy crispy fried chicken, go for it. Something tells me it would make amazing hangover food. 

  • Would I go back? Yes, when craving fried chicken.
  • Address: Hardenbergplatz 2, 10623 Berlin
  • Price point: €
  • CC Rating: 3.5/5
Risa Chicken Berlin


I have never liked Mandi because I find it too dry. But Mandi Restaurant does a good job at it. Their rice are so flavoursome, meat tender and tasty, and there is a sauce for curry-addicts like myself. I ordered the one with grilled chicken and N went for Shish Tawuk Mandi, and we both liked his better.

  • Would I go back? I would again order home delivery via Lieferando.
  • Address: Seestraße 57, 13347 Berlin
  • Price point: €
  • CC Rating: 3.5/5
Mandi Restaurant Berlin


Craving for halwa puri got us to Apna Punjab. It isn’t featured on their menu but they have it. Sort of like a special. We ordered 4 puris, which were served fresh off the frying pan. Halwa was pretty good too. I missed aloo ki tarkari )potato curry) but my Punjabi companion was very happy with chhole (spicy chickpeas). I would skip the tea next time but would go back for halwa and puris.

  • Would I go back? Yes.
  • Address: Alt-Moabit 44, 10555 Berlin
  • Price point: €
  • CC Rating: 3.5/5


I returned to Sadhu because I remembered the taste from 2017. Unfortunately, it has suffered a hit since then. There are tons of Indian restaurants in Berlin and I don’t see a reason to specifically return to Sadhu when they insist on Indian taste under Pakistani banner. If this ever gets to the owner of Sadhu, I have a few guzaarishaat (requests) – redo the menu, so its legible and follows an order. Please add desserts. And kindly keep pease and capsicum away from Biryani – they don’t belong.

  • Would I go back? If in the vicinity, maybe.
  • Address: Falckensteinstraße 41, 10997 Berlin
  • Price point: €€
  • CC Rating: 2/5


I did not know that there was a thing like Sudanese Falafel but now I do. And I think it would make peanut sauce lovers very happy. A very humble imbiss, Tutti Island only serves falafel in three different forms. Their spicy is actually spicy, and they are very generous with their peanut sauce topping.

  • Would I go back? If in the vicinity and in the mood for falafel, yes.
  • Address: Zossener Str. 17, 10961 Berlin
  • Price point: €
  • CC Rating: 3/5
Tutti Island Berlin
Tutti Island Berlin – Picture courtesy Satt und Froh

Let me know if you like this format of food reviews and if you’d like to see more or less of it. Cheers and happy eating!

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