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Boys and girls, here’s presenting Cherry Cross’ first social calendar for Berlin!! I have been doing social calendars for Cologne for a couple of months now and thought that this would be no different. WRONG. SO SO SO WRONG. As Cologne is a smaller and relatively quieter city, there wasn’t much happening most months. But here, in Berlin, there is something interesting almost every day of the week. Which is also why it took me over six hours to finish this post, almost double the time it generally takes me to write up our daily blog post.

Anyway. It was a learning experience, and I will be better prepared from next month onwards. Until then, here are some of the events that I think you might like – from arts to music, fashion, marathon, festivals and more.

30 Aug – 23 Sept 2019 : Musikfest Berlin (Music Festival Berlin)

Over the course of 21 festival days, 26 events featuring over 60 works by around 25 composers, 22 orchestras, instrumental and vocal ensembles and countless soloists perform at the Philharmonie and the Konzerthaus.


01 Sept 2019: Sunday Brunch at Lode & Stijns

Lode & Stijns’ chef Jan Wichert and his girlfriend Stefanie Pfeil have curated a fantastic brunch menu, comprising dumplings, yeast plums, horseradish brioche and much more – all vegetarian and good to share. The brunch costs 35€ per person, and goes on from 11-16 o’clock.


01 Sept 2019: African Food Festival

The African Food Festival brings to Berlin some of treats from Ghana, Jamaica, Morocco, South Africa and the surrounding region. In addition to the street food market, there will also be exciting workshops, book presentations, concerts and panel discussions, a design market, live music and DJ and a children’s corner.  Admission is ticketed for 5€, and the festival goes on from 12-22 o’clock.


03 Sept 2019: Travel Film Night by ITB

Exciting short films by travellers await you on the big screen – plenty of adventures from impressive destinations and hidden gems as well as moving travel stories, which can get under your skin. Tickets can be bought online for 10€.


03 Sept 2019: Rethinking tourism: How can we make traveling more sustainable?

Impact of rapidly increasing tourism on natural resources, consumption patterns, pollution and social systems are more apparent now than ever. How can we achieve the right balance between growth and sustainability? Are you interested in how you can contribute to a more conscious way of traveling? Come and join the discussion at this event to question the status quo, find answers and propose solutions!


04 Sept 2019: Screening of Roberto Rossellini’s Deutschland im Jahre Null

Germany in the year zero is the third film from a neorealism trilogy by Roberto Rossellini. The film depicts the story of a twelve-year-old boy who has to take care of his family’s livelihood in post-war Germany in a world characterised by hunger and a struggle for survival. It was filmed in bombastic Berlin in the summer of 1947. Admission is free.


04 Sept 2019: Workshop – Success Factors in Influencer Marketing

If you are a marketer and have had questions like how do you conceptualise a successful influencer campaign, who can you reach with influencer marketing, and, what sort of reach can you generate online, then this workshop might be it for you.


O4 Sept 2019: Freelancers, Unite!

Freelancers, Unite! is a monthly work session hosted at betahaus | Neukölln. Expect to work from a new hideout each month with freelancers from across interests and industries. There is plenty of time for work with short breaks where you can meet and learn from other people who are equally set on saving the world. This month the topic of discussion is ‘The 5 biggest mistakes freelancers do regarding taxes’.


06 Sept 2019: Daniel’s Eatery Supperclub Dinner

You want to eat out but do not want to go to a restaurant? Then check out Daniel’s Eatery, one of the city’s oldest supper clubs. The menu includes an aperitif, a multi-course menu and a digestif. What exactly is served is only revealed shortly before the dinner.


06 – 11 Sept 2019: FA Berlin – Consumer Electronics Fair

The IFA Berlin is one of the world’s leading trade shows for consumer electronics, home appliances and other applications of technology and software. For six days at the exhibition grounds at Messe Berlin, more than 1800 exhibitors from over 30 countries offer their services for retailers, buyers and experts from the industry. The IFA is also open to journalists, consumers and people who are generally interested in the latest trends in technology.


07 Sept 2019: Japan Food Festival Berlin 2019

The Japan Food Festival Berlin will take place for the first time this year. As a complement to the Japan Festival, which took place for the tenth time in January 2019, the URANIA transforms into a culinary wonderland of Japanese cuisine. You can expect stalls and bars with sushi, sake, tea, ramen, udon, onigri and much more , spread across two floors – indoor and outdoor.


07 – 08 Sept 2019: Lollapalooza

The Lollapalooza, a festival series originally from the USA, has also made a name for itself here. It will be held in Berlin for the fifth time in 2019. After stops at Tempelhof Airport, at the Hoppegarten Racecourse and the Treptower Park, the two-day permanent concert will again be on stage at the Olympic Stadium this year, as in 2018. The colorfully mixed line-up is already out and adorns with headliners like Kings of Leon, power club and scooter. Entry tickets starts from 149€.


07 – 08 Sept 2019: Heritage Day in Berlin

At the Heritage Day, also known as Day of the Open Monument, numerous monuments which are usually closed to the public open their doors for visitors. The motto of the Heritage Day 2019 is “Modern Upheavals in Art and Architecture”.


08 Sept 2019: Jubel Feine Pâtisserie turns 5!

If you like tarts, chocolates and such, you might already know of the Jubel in Prenzlauer Berg. The cafe celebrates its fifth birthday this year and is rejoicing with sweet delights, music, entertainment, and bestsellers from last five years.


08 Sept 2019: Laughter Yoga on the Tempelhof field

This event is suitable for all those who like to laugh or want to bring more laughter into their lives, for young and old, even for people with disabilities. Laughter yoga is connecting, integrative, and it opens hearts. Also suitable for people who do not speak German. Laughter is an international language. Just imitate.


08 – 17 Sept 2019: Jewish Film Festival

The festival takes film fans on a journey around the world of Jewish and Israeli filmmaking and features some of the best and latest productions from different countries. Several premieres, filmmakers and discussions allow the visitors to take a glimpse into the world of Jewish life. Some of the films shown were made in Israel, one of the most exciting filmmaking countries of the world. 


10 Sept 2019: Truth Talk #1: From Full-Time to Freelance – How does this look like?

The struggles you might face transitioning to freelancer: lifestyle changes, financial needs, winning clients, managing expectations and dealing with health insurance, freelancer visa or taxes – you are going to get a closer look and some ideas from the first event of Truth Talk’s Freelancer Series to figure out what it takes to make a hopefully successful transition.

11 Sept 2019: Fashion: How to be a Conscious Consumer?

The event aims to share knowledge about how can you, as a consumer, make conscious fashion choices – from fabric and production, to consumption pattern and sustainable options. The workshop will be conducted by Assunta Crux, founder of fineyellow, a marketplace for fair and sustainable fashion.


11 – 15 Sept 2019: Berlin Art Week

The Berlin Art Week combines several events that take place every September, for instance the two art fairs “art berlin” and “Positions Berlin”. Furthermore, a number of Berlin-based institutions for contemporary art use the opportunity to collaborate with many artists and galleries for a series of events, promoting the city as a place for making, celebrating and discussing art.


11 – 21 Sept 2019: International Literature Festival Berlin

Since 2001, the International Literature Festival takes place every year in September in Berlin. It focuses on the development of international prose and lyric poetry. During the festival writers from all over the world are in Berlin to present their work to lovers of literature. All texts are read in the original language, interpreters translate the pieces into German.


12 Sept 2019: Plantbased and raw: Cheese Tasting

A variety of forms and levels of maturity, with various herbs, spices and other secret ingredients will be served at beba baxter’s fermented nut cheese presentation. Cheeses will be accompanied by a variety of side dishes like caramelised onions, fermented vegetables, fruits, mustard, chutneys & crackers, bread & rolls. There will also be a selection of red or white wines, and grape juice.


12 Sept 2019: Female Leadership Meetup Berlin: Self-employed or hire

Organised by Women for Women in Berlin, the meetup is all about further acquaintance and personal exchange. There will be a keynote speech by Franziska Daniel and Josephine Logisch on the subject of “Being Employed or Self-Employed – What’s Better for Me?”. This will be followed by an open discussion.


12 Sept 2019: How to start your own social media marketing agency (online course)

The course focuses on practical knowledge and skills that you will need to start your own social media agency, how to acquire skills, ways to get hired by SMEs and deliver valuable services.


17 Sept 2019: Solving the Plastic Problem. What do we do now?

If you want to keep learning to improve your Zero Waste life or if you just want to know more about the topic and find it impossible to avoid plastic in your daily life, this event will help you navigate to a more sustainable lifestyle.


21 Sept 2019: Welcome to Berlin Tour

The tour particularly emphasises the aspects of living in the city. Berlin, with its many parks, recreation areas, and tree-lined streets, is one of the world’s greenest cities. In addition, the city offers extensive opportunities for culture immersion and a variety of affordable residential options as well as the space to live one’s dreams to the fullest. It aims to introduce you to the city and the different structures of its various districts while supporting you in finding your way around the metropolis.


25 Sept 2019: Job Fair Berlin

A platform for job seekers, including professionals, trainees and internees, with a wide range of exhibitors.The job fair takes place from 10:00 to 16:00. Admission is free.


24 Sept 2019: Start blogging and make money (online course)

If you want to start a blog and earn money online, this online course might help you get there. You will learn everything you need to know about blogging with the help of video classes and step by step intructions.


28 Sept 2019: German Comic Con Berlin 2019

Visitors can expect a packed program on site, and there is something for everyone: action and entertainment with the stars on the big stage, panels, photoshoots and autograph sessions. A big cosplay contest, comics, mangas, animes, artists, photo points, workshops, games, merchandise as far as the eye can see and much more. A weekend full of entertainment for the whole family!


29 Sept 2019: Berlin Marathon

The Berlin Marathon is one of the most popular city-wide road races in the world. More than 40,000 athletes from about 120 countries set off on the course each year, cheered on by a million spectators, more than 70 live bands and dance groups. As in the years before, there are separate races for wheelchair users, handbikers, inline skaters and children. Some of these competitions take place on the day before the main race.


26 Sept 2019: Cher at Mercedes-Benz Arena Berlin

Cher goes on tour and honours the Mercedes-Benz Arena for the first time with a visit. On September 26, 2019, she comes to Berlin with her latest album. 


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