I recently watched Saba Qamar’s Cheekh (on YouTube) and felt goosebumps on so many instances throughout the 30-episode marathon. It hits home because we hear about these things on a DAILY FREAKING BASIS. With Cheekh, you get to go behind the scenes, immerse in the dark energies, feel the pain and helplessness, itch with anger and weep for the loved ones lost.

And it brought me here, today, to beg/plead/implore each one of you to do whatever is in your power to help the victims of atrocities like rape and murder. Years of being shush about these matters have led us here, where the burden of truth suffocates the victim to death. Where the one who has been wronged continues to suffer at the hands of family, friends, society and law makers, until they resign – mind, body and soul. Help them with your support – be it moral, financial, legal or any other way. Just stand behind them, so they don’t have to face the demon alone.

Ek aur guzarish ye hai ke please respect the law, law enforcers and law makers. But above all, respect the law. Bribing your way in and out of sticky situations, confidence that your misdeeds will have no consequence kyu ke police tou jaib mai hai, witnessing someone with no or very little resources suffer at the hands of law enforcers only because woh kisi lambi gari mai nahi aaye or they can’t shower bundles of notes…this needs to stop. Please, please do your part. And that also includes chiding any family member who goes the wrong way. #justiceforrehan will not bring back that boy of 15, nor take away the pain and agony he suffered before his young body bled to death. Respecting law and enforcing it in every way possible, on the other hand, will make it possible that we don’t need these hashtags in future.

Support victims, and respect the law. Mushkil hai, na mumkin nahi.