When I first moved to Dubai in 2013, I wanted to be a full-time blogger. I had been in a corporate grind for last four years, and wanted to come back to the creative side of the world.

The challenge here was that while I had the intention and willingness to work hard, I didn’t know anyone in D-Town. I turned to meetup.com to be my friendship matchmaker, and was lucky enough to meet a few like-minded souls. I came across one to two content creators at most meetups, and wanted to bring them all together, so we could learn, grow and collaborate. Unlike what Instagram feeds you, blogging can be a pretty lonely affair if done in solitude. With this intention, I launched Dubai Bloggers Community.

It was one of the best decisions that I could have made back then. Dubai Bloggers became a platform for digital content creators to connect with not only each other but also brands and PR Managers who were looking for micro and macro influencers to collaborate with. It also became a forum that gave me (and others) some precious friendships, and opportunities to hone into their niche.

Fast forward five years, and I am again on a similar crossroad in life. I am (sort of) new in Berlin, hoping to become a full-time digital disruptor (I just wanted to make it sound really cool), and itching to connect with fellow bloggers/vloggers in town. And this has led to my newest humble venture (again, a big word, purely for impact) – Expat Bloggers Berlin.

My aim and vision for this community is simple – a platform to connect and collaborate. For now, it will be managed primarily through it’s Facebook presence, and share the screen space with Cherry Cross whenever required. In future, who knows?

Get in touch

If you want to be a part of the community, please join the Facebook Group here. If you want to get in touch with a query or collaboration proposal, please send an email to expatbloggersberlin@cherrycross.com

The community is still in its infancy, but it has plans – like a launch party in the first week of October (fingers crossed). And that is only the tip of the iceberg (please someone give me an award for stuffing in most cliches into one blog post).

Well, here’s to new beginnings and successful collaborations. And while we are on the topic of collaborations, I strongly suggest you to check out these two ladies, who champion joining forces and conquering it all together. Presenting Injeel Moti and Annie Grijalva, who are an endless source of inspiration and dear friends. We are stronger together folk(ses).