Review: Eminence Organic Facial at Kireini by Pei Hooi

I was invited by Pei at Kireini Beauty to try out Eminence Organic Facial. Truth be told, I have only tried a handful of salons in Cologne for facial treatments as my experience had always been less than satisfactory. I scrub and exfoliate at home, and get two facials whenever I go back home. So, while this was not on my radar, I went ahead when Pei invited me.

Before I share the verdict, check out this video to see how it went, along with all the products used.

In South Asia and Middle East, the focus during beauty treatments is usually split equally between products and therapists. For example, a basic pedicure takes 60 minutes, of which at least 50 minutes are spent by the therapist on scrubbing, exfoliating and massaging your feet. Labour intensive, if you may.

In contrast, Europe is heavily product dependent. Therapist’s role is often limited to that of an applicator. With Pei, what stands out is that not only does she uses good quality products, she goes an extra mile to create a relaxing environment. Her hands are extremely gentle and the fact that you have the entire place to yourself (only one appointment at a time) truly feels like an hour or two of pampering.

More specifically about the facial – It was extremely gentle (including blackheads’ extraction) and nourishing, and the star of the process were the products. I loved the yam and pumpkin enzyme peel, Pei’s fantastic face massage and the fact that all the entire range of products used was organic and cruelty free.

In a sea of subpar salons, Kireini is a safety raft.

Note: You can have The Eminence Organic Facial done by Pei at her salon in Neumarkt, purchase Eminence products from her and do it at home, or buy similar products and follow the routine showed in the video to do it yourself.

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