I came across this fantastic slam poetry by Nathalie Beatle, and just had to share it with guys here. Often feminism is mistaken for men-hating, and I want to reiterate that it is not. It is a movement to demand rights and respect. You understand consent and break professional glass ceilings. To understand that menstruation doesn’t make a woman invalid or any less competent. It actually has very very little to do with men as a gender, and more with what society and cultural norms allow under the facade of women being a lesser world citizen.

Back to Nathalie Beatle.

I am a feminist. 

So – what? 

You can’t be surprised 

When women get daily sexualized 

Because of their boobs 

Their ass 

Their curves 

Their “Blow Job Eyes” 

When teenage boys are told they should be proud 

When they get raped by older women 

Because “it must have been hot to get laid by her” 

When some 40 year old man gets uncomfortable 

Because of the bra strap 

From a twelve year old girl 

When they say: “She asked for it” “She didn’t look like thirteen” “Her skirt was too short” 

When men are called weak for crying 

And women sluts for enjoying sex 

When girls are saying “I am not like other girls” 

Like you could generalize an entire gender 

Like it’s a bad thing 

Like you’re more, better, than every other woman


I am a feminist. 


You can’t be surprised 

When a gender gets generalized 

When you’re called a slut for wearing make up 


High Heels 

When I’m afraid walking outside at night 


Because there could be someone 

Following me because “I don’t look like thirteen” “I asked for it” “My skirt was too provocating, too short” 

When in some countries little girls 

Innocent little girls 

Get married and raped 

By a man, probably 27 years older 

When they become nothing but the thing that satisfies him 

Without thoughts and feelings When a girl loses her freedom 

And body and mind become prisoners.