Here’s why I unfollowed everyone on Instagram, and maybe you should too

Some of you may remember that I went off social media at the beginning of the year. I was very disappointed with the whole process of blogging, falling engagement, and basically the lack of reward for all my hardwork.

Once I made peace with the situation, discussed the matter with a few close friends, and realigned my priorities, I came back. And the first thing I did was remove all the accounts I was following. This included friends, people I have done business with, family, colleagues, celebrities, bloggers, media outlets – everything. I wanted a fresh start. I wanted content that inspired my mind and not just push the latest Huda Beauty lipstick in my face. I wanted lifestyle and not just beauty products, fashion lookbooks or advertorials. I followed back immediately those who I remembered. Others either came naturally or I asked them to hola if they were following me and would like to reconnect. 

Bottom line is, my insta feed is now filled with content that I want to see. It makes me feel good. Inspires. Entertains. Makes me laugh. Tells me what’s up in the world, my city, etc. Exactly how it should be.

Like most things in life, we accumulate social connections as well. Then drag them along even after they serve a purpose, or as Marie Kondo would say, spark joy. This unfollowing exercise allowed me to declutter, and only see content that served me well.

When my engagement hit rock bottom, I wanted to ask people who follow me on Instagram to turn on notifications, so that they know every time I post something new. But then I thought, do I have notifications turned on for anyone? There are accounts that I LOVE but even for those, I find it excessive. So I didn’t make such excessive demands.

I think we, as content creators, should have no expectations from people who join us. They want to like and comment, they will. They don’t want to, they won’t. Our asking them or repeatedly reminding them only gets annoying, and they are more likely to mute than turn on notifications.

After the big break that I took early this year from blogging and social media, I came back with a very clear idea of how I want to take things forward. Validation and number game were tossed out. They caused unnecessary stress. I literally sat myself down and listed reasons for why I have a blog. It’s primarily for the love of writing, and secondary is the community, which is a byproduct. I quit all engagement groups, insta pods, and became selective with collaborations and campaigns. I mean from 4 offers that I have got in last six months. But like I said, it doesn’t matter. Numbers are not kicking my mental place’s bum this time around.

I know a lot of us blogger folks get frustrated because it takes a ton of effort to create this kind of content. I feel you. I know exactly where you are coming from. But if I have learnt one thing in 5.5 years of running Cherry Cross, it’s to not let it get to you. It can screw you up so bad, and you only realise it when it has already chewed you alive and made you bitter/stressed/frustrated. 

This is not to preach, honest. To each their own. If your audience reacts positively to your reminders and notification requests, you go for it. I just like to think as a content consumer every now and then, and thought to pen it down for others in my community.

Anything that doesn’t help your mental peace or makes you unhappy, please distance from it without remorse. You owe yourself at least that much.

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