5 steps to manage social media addiction

Boundaries. Probably one of the most subjective words in English language. It hardly ever means the same thing for two different people, even if they are related by blood. 

When I returned to social media after a short hiatus in January 2019, I returned with a few rules. We all know how easy it is to slip up and spend a gazillion unproductive hours a week on social channels. Scrolling is one of the most evil inventions of mankind.

Anyway. Boundaries. I wanted to draw a line and not get sucked again into the social media abyss. So I drafted a 5 point action plan, to manage my social media usage, and be less busy and more productive. It can be potentially useful for those of you who’d like to decrease their screen time or start a subtle tech detox.

🍒 Turn off notification alerts for all social media and email accounts – these seemingly harmless pings are what prompts you to pick up your phone in the first place.

🍒 Don’t sleep with phone by your bed side. Get an alarm clock instead.

🍒 No phones during lunch and dinner. (wiggle room – after taking food pictures)

🍒 Remove apps that can be accessed from desktop/laptop.

🍒 Keep mobile data and wifi off during work and/or leisure hours. Social media is work for me, so I turn it off during my leisure time.

They are simple steps, with a significant impact.

Here’s a challenge for you. This weekend, allow yourself to get bored for an hour or two and do nothing about it. Do not pick up your phone, turn on TV, meet friends, or do grocery. Just remain bored. Use your mind actively. Let it wander. You’d be surprised how difficult it is to allow yourself to stay bored. If you do try, let me know how it goes.

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