Yesterday, @storyoftravelandstyle gave me the idea to reintroduce myself and my blogging journey as many have joined along the way, and we never got to say our hellos properly. So, let’s do it today. 

I dug out the old BlogMOPOLITAN quiz for this particular introduction. Let’s go:

🍒 Name: Shaheen Nouman Rajan

🍒 Nickname: Pinky

🍒 My blog name means: a Chéri who (used to be) often cross

🍒 I know it’s weird but: I learnt to swim at 30

🍒 If you pulled up next to me at a stoplight, you’d see me singing: Saaiyaan (Zan Mureed’s OST)

🍒 My biggest guilt pleasure is: french fries from a roadside hawker

🍒 You will never see me: never say never

🍒 One thing that always cheers me up: food

🍒 Favourite position: boss

🍒 The beauty products I can’t live without: eyeliner and bronzer

🍒 The quote I tend to live by: don’t judge a sinner for sinning differently

🍒 Favourite person: N

🍒 Three words I use to describe my style: casual chic, colourful, accessories-dominant

🍒 It’s really unattractive when a guy: is a proud misogynist

🍒 I wish I could be more: disciplined

🍒 My favourite body part is: bum

🍒 The best advice I have ever been given: you do you

🍒 My worst habit is: quick to flare temper

🍒 When no one is around, I tend to: dance

🍒 You know a guy is perfect when: he’s chivalrous and funny

🍒 If I could buy one thing right now it would be: moving company services to help our relocation from Cologne to Berlin

🍒 I don’t: hold grudges

🍒 I am terrified of: heights

🍒 If I went to the airport and picked any flight it would be to: wherever my parents are

🍒 My favourite time of the year: Autumn 

It’s nice to meet you! If you fancy saying hello, let me know your nickname, your city and favourite food in comments below please.