Travelogue: A weekend in Paris (part 2/2)

22nd July 2019 Shaheen Rajan 0

In continuation to part 1… Day 3: Our third day in Paris began at La Défense. It is Europe’s largest purpose-built business district with 560 hectares (1,400 acres) of area, 72 glass and steel buildings (of which 19 are completed skyscrapers), 180,000 daily workers, and 3,500,000 square metres (38,000,000 sq […]

Travelogue: A weekend in Paris (part 1/2)

17th July 2019 Shaheen Rajan 0

When I decided to go to Paris one last time before moving to Berlin, I wasn’t sure about what I expected from this trip. You see, I had been to Paris thrice before and returned disappointed EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. I just couldn’t see the charm and romance that people sang […]

Lux Style Awards 2019 – Red Carpet Moments and Winners

8th July 2019 Shaheen Rajan 1

Last night, some of Pakistani entertainment industry’s brightest stars made their way to Karachi Expo Center for Lux Style Awards 2019. The star power, however substantial, was rather limited. Also, fashion didn’t have a great night, as seasonal tunes were blatantly ignored and colour was broadly amiss. Beauty, on the […]

I am a Pakistani, and I had Indian best friends. SHOOK!

8th July 2019 Shaheen Rajan 1

Raise your hand if you are from Pakistan, an expat, and have been mistaken for being an Indian. 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️ To the utter disappointment of a handful, I have never had an issue with being confused with any other nationality, including Indian. There are good and bad people on both sides […]