Bunte Beauty Days – is it worth a visit?

Now that I moving out of NRW in 7 weeks, I want to attend as many relevant events in the region as possible. Dusseldorf is comparatively more happening when it comes to fashion and lifestyle than Cologne, so I have set a Google alert for Dusseldorf lifestyle events to make sure that I don’t miss any worthy events. Dedication – check.

I first saw Bunte Beauty Days last year on Facebook, and couldn’t decide if it was worth the money. I compared it to the ones I had been to in Dubai, organised by Ahlan, Grazia or Cosmopolitan, and rationalised that they weren’t worth the money spent for entry ticket+train tickets. This year, for the sake of experience and fact-based verdict, I decided to take the plunge and go for it. I was lucky enough to find a partner in crime who was interested and willing to travel for it. Thank you K!


It is always a good idea to buy tickets in advance. They are available on Bunte Beauty Days website, and start from 29. You can upgrade to include Bunte Goodie Bag, VIP area access, meet and greet with influencers, etc. We opted for best friends ticket, which gave us two tickets for a total of 59.

Commute (from Cologne to Bunte Beauty Days, Dusseldorf)

The event is held in Kaltstahlhalle, Areal Bohler, which is a 13-stop train ride away from Dusseldorf Central Station. As I have a monthly KVB ticket (Formel9Ticket), I only had to buy an extension ticket from DB counter at Cologne Hauptbahnhof. It costed 10.60 for the return journey, and was valid all the way to Dusseldorf-L?rick (closest station to Areal B?hler).

The Exhibition

To begin with, it was bigger than I expected. Our ticket was validated upon arrival (printed works as well as soft copy on your phone), and we entered the exhibition area.

Although it is called Beauty Days, I found it more wellness inclined. There were your usual culprits, like Rossman and Douglas, and the rest was primarily wellness and cosmetology. Med Beauty for teeth whitening, Cellufine for stretch marks, Snooze to help sleep better, Dr. E. Voss for skincare, a couple of e-cigarette brands, a coolsculpting service, Pearl Smile, etc. There were also a few hair experts on board, such as Relax with their silent hairdryers.

Makeup and cosmetic exhibitors were a handful, and included Naild, Hairworkxx, Xtreme Lashes, Mary Kay, The Browery, Dior, Lip Factory, Glimyu and Dermalogica. Perhaps in the future more people will be offering what you can see at Cool Med Spa Miami and similar locations, but the show looks good so far!

Many exhibitors had little games in their booths, like spin the wheel, to facilitate interaction. I had fun winning a face mask and online shopping discount vouchers as a reward for pinning the correct bum to celebrity posters. Hidden talent!

Everyone spoke English as well as German, so expats are equally welcome to Bunte Beauty Days. Also, there weren’t as many samples as I have seen at other beauty expos, and you have to buy in order to try most products.

Food and drinks

There are food trucks at one corner of the hall, and a few snack bars within. It is relatively pricey, but available should you get hungry. My friend and I had chicken curry over under cooked rice for 8.90?.


I am glad that I went for it.

First, I got to know of a few interesting brands that I did not know about at all or had very little knowledge of.

Second, I networked a little, exchanged business cards (yup, I have my own now. Feel free to ask me for one), and connected with some Marketing Managers.

Third, I am now able to make an informed opinion about it.

And the verdict is that it is more consumer relevant than content creator relevant. I had assumed that most participating brands would have news and launches to share, but majority of them were only there to exhibit their current ranges and potentially sell some. Had I gone only as a beauty buff and not a blogger, I would have very pleased. Also, I really think they ought to expand their exhibitors? range to include more makeup brands.

All in all, a 7/10 event.

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