Cologne’s sweet spot – Törtchen Törtchen

Not for a minute have I assumed that you live in Cologne and haven’t already been to or heard of Törtchen Törtchen, because that just doesn’t happen*. If you have moved on to some other cafe because there was no space at Törtchen Törtchen when you visited, I’d understand, but if you haven’t heard of it, I am surprised and glad to be changing that. Unless you despise all things sweet. If that’s the case, the following text and pictures might not be of much interest.

I have a sweet tooth the size of Africa. But, I don’t like Milka-sweet. I like rich chocolate, which has a tinge of bitterness and velvety smoothness. If I can taste sugar, it’s a no-deal for me. And this is one of the reasons that I love Törtchen Törtchen – a French patisserie, located between Neumarkt and Ehrenstraße. It was established in 2005 by Elmar Schumacher-Wahls, and in 2009, Matthias Ludwigs (patissier of the year 2009) joined forces to become the Chefpatissier and co-owner.

The cafe has 3 addresses in Cologne, and another one in Düsseldorf. They have gone from strength to strength in the last 14 years, primarily for one reason – ingredients. They know exactly where every ingredient comes from, including the fairtrade chocolate, Boiron French fruit purees, natural vanilla, premium nuts, fresh butter and sustainably produced fruit brandies.

The branch that I have been to, in Innenstadt, has ample indoor seating, plus a patio for when sun decides to smile down on us Kölners. Lots of colours, wall art, vintage furniture and quirky accents make it perfectly instagrammable, given there is enough room for you to be able to see it. The first time I went to Törtchen Törtchen, it was early Friday evening and there was no space. I bought a Cassis Schoko Törtchen, and shared it with Mister at home. The next time, I went during the week at 2PM and jackpot – lots of space.

Other than Törtchen, they also have macarons, pralines, tarts, ice cream and a lunch menu. My second visit was with an American girl, who mentioned how rare it is to find a meringue topped pie in the city. So, that’s another novelty for you.


Worth also a mention is their service. It was attentive and the girls were lovely. It has table service, and they only take cash for payment.

Their coffee is standard, and adequately priced. The sweet stuff, however, is slightly more expensive (approx 5€ per piece) than what you’d find at other patisseries. I didn’t mind the price tag because their desserts are actually pretty fantastic, and it is the kind of place that I would only go sometimes. Maybe once a month, or even less. It is truly indulgent and you know how weak my resistance is when it comes to food.

Will I recommend it? Ammm, YES! Am I going back? Definitely.

* I am writing this to remind you that life is too short to not have cake at every possible opportunity.

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