Drachen City: All-you-can-eat Chinese buffet in Cologne

I met a few friends for early dinner yesterday. Mister suggested Drachen City, and as I had not been to it yet (though I have been to Drachenburg), I excitedly nodded in agreement.

Drachen City is a Chinese restaurant, with buffet as well as a la carte. It is centrally located (Perlenpfuhl 6, 50667), and can be easily accessed from Applehofplatz. Contemporary, clean interiors, with traditional accents to accentuate the ambiance.

Now, let’s talk food. We opted for buffet, and I am so glad that we did. There are quiet a few options, so I am sure that most people won’t struggle to find something to eat. Starters included a wide salad spread, and two kinds of soups. There was also fried finger food, like fish and chicken, chicken wings and spring rolls. Unlike most budget Chinese entries, these weren’t overly coated with negligent meat inside. I tried fried fish and found it pretty alright.

Mains included beef, chicken, prawns, shrimps, pork and broccoli stew. Curries can be had on their own or with fried vegetable rice, noodles or boiled rice.

Desserts included fruits like watermelon, oranges and canned cocktail fruits, tiramisu, jello, and three ice cream flavours. I may or may not have gone crazy with ice cream.

What is incredible is that it is extremely well-priced. On weekdays, you can enjoy the buffet for 10.90€ per person, and weekends are 12.90€ per person. Drinks are not included in buffet.

Verdict: Nice place, worth the money and I am going back.

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