My first Le Bloc Köln experience

Le Bloc is a one-day design and fashion festival in Cologne, Germany. It takes place every year, and retailers in the Belgian Quarter come together to celebrate best of fashion, design and their offerings. I got to know about it through a friend (bless her), and we decided to go together to check it out.

The highlight of Le Bloc is the fashion show, by participating labels, where local models and townsfolk walk the runway to present latest collections in stores.

It was a fun afternoon as the weather was amazing, many stores had live DJs and drinks, and most importantly, I discovered a whole bunch of local designers and store. This has to be the highlight of the event for me. I finally found Cologne-based designers and quirky multi-brand stores, including one that carries plus size collections.

If you are new in town or a fashion enthusiast, I would definitely recommend Le Bloc to you. It’s a great way to get to know the local fashion landscape, meet designers, spot fashion editors and have an overall fun afternoon.

The fashion show, also called Bloc Walk, had some fabulous presentations. And they have been immortalised, so you can watch them even if you weren’t physically present at the show. Bless technology.


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