If you are going to shop at Lahori Ink, please read this first

Wearing Lahori Ink's Feeka Lassi sweatshirt

I thought over whether I should write about my experience with Lahori Ink or not, for days. Ultimately, I decided to go ahead with it because that’s what I do. Say it as it is. Might cost me some potential sponsorships but that’s a risk I am willing to take for the brand that holds my name.

I have had my eyes on Lahori Ink tees since early 2018. I wanted to get them during my last visit to Pakistan in July 2018, but somehow completely forgot. A household with 6 adults and 3 tiny boys can do incredible things to you.

When Mister planned his trip to Karachi for last month, I gave him a list of things I wanted (always make it easier for your men, ladies), and Lahori Ink was on top of the list. This is just to make you understand my excitement and DESIRE to wiggle into their tees. I have reposted their content a number of times on social media, and publicly drooled over their Ziddi tee as well. It was love at first sight.

Here are the tees that I wanted:

Anyway. He ordered them on Friday, chose cash on delivery as the payment option, and awaited arrival. It arrived on Tuesday, and he brought them back to Germany in the same package. Unboxing is one of my guilty pleasures.

Wearing Lahori Ink’s Lahore tee.

I unpacked, and liked what I briefly saw. It was still that transition period between spring and summer, where some days are warm and some have chilly winds, and I could wear the sweatshirts if I timed them right with the weather. All tees were in XL. Green me thought that even if they were slightly big, it would be just fine. I started with Feeka Lassi sweatshirt.

Turns out, the pink sweatshirt was snug around hip area. Understandable. I am a pear-shape. What took me by surprise was that this was the biggest of them all. Yes, all 5 shirts were of different sizes. I even gave it the benefit of doubt that maybe sweatshirts and t-shirts would have difference in size, but the two sweatshirts that I had ordered were also different from each other!

What sorcery is this???

I was disappointed. I wasn’t expecting stellar quality but was 100% behind their art. However, to find tees that are at least couple of inches apart despite being the same size is, yes, disappointing.

No two sweatshirts are alike.

If I lived in Pakistan, I would have taken up the issue with the brand and probably returned it. But returning from Germany is just not a viable option. And I feel like as a customer, I shouldn’t have to. It is an established brand, which invests considerable effort and resources in to marketing, so I am not willing to write it off as a teething issue. It is just a case of bad production system, and lack of quality control.

I don’t know what will I do with the other three shirts, which I can’t seem to squeeze into without looking vulgar. Ideas?? Preferably ones that do not include liposuction, fad diets, breaking up with pizza or letting go.

Lahori Ink, why oh why???

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