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It’s that time of the year again. It’s Eid. Many look forward to it with exemplary gusto; me, not so much. And I haven’t, for a couple of years now. Let me give you the background story.

When I was younger, my mom would haul us out of bed around 8:30am on Eid day, while running around with a ladle in one hand and cordless phone in another. Dad would wear his crisp white kameez shalwar, and go for prayers. The mission was to be showered and dressed by the time dad got back, circa 11am. The struggle was that we had stayed up way beyond our bed time (courtesy chaand raat excitement), and just couldn’t think of any good reason to wake up so early on a holiday. Besides Eidi. Yes, Eidi. We had to be ready to wish dad as soon as he came back home, and subtly demand Eidi.

Dad would hand us Eidi, have tea and then head out for city tour. His stops included my phopho’s place, Nanu house, his brother’s mother-in-law’s house (I have no idea how that factors in), his business partner’s house, tandoor and dahi wale bhai sahb.

Until the end of my teenage years, my sister and I would tag along dad on his excursion. We had a singular reason. Eidi. More people we meet, more Eidi we will get. Simple times and simple minds. Funny though, I have no idea what we did with all that Eidi. Potentially bought disgusting yet delicious food from hawkers outside our school. It has always been food. Always.

Anyway. Slowly and gradually, all of my cousins moved out of Pakistan. My Dadu and Nana passed away. I discovered how foundations hated heat, and melting makeup was not a good look for me. Number of stops in my dad’s Eid tour dwindled down to one or two. There was no family left in Pakistan, and Eid just did not feel the same without them.

Fast forward many years, and we arrive in Dubai. The few Muslim friends I had would usually go back home for Eid, and it would mostly only be us, in a city that never slept. Three years later, Germany happened, and it only got quieter.

If you are away from family, please know that I feel you one hundred percent. I understand if you are a little sad and homesick. It is only natural. I hope you have friends around to keep you company and share biryani with (though, who really wants to share biryani anyway?). To add a little sweetness from afar, I want to send one you pardesis Eidi. Been taking it for years, and thought, it’s time to give back.

Now I wish I could give a little something+love+duas to all of you but pocket only allows me to make one of you feel special. If you think you deserve this Eidi, then:

1. Make sure you are following Cherry Cross on Instagram (
2. Tag one person (other than yourself) who you think deserves this Eidi here:

This pyaar delivery is open to all of Germany. Entries are welcome until Wednesday (05.06.19) and Eidi winner to be announced on Thursday.

Share kerke sawaib kamaye.

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