A kitsch goldmine – Bonodeluxe, Köln

I was walking towards Ebertplatz from Hansaring when I saw Bonodeluxe. I have passed by this store at least a dozen times but never went in. Their window display had scary (read: high) price tags, and I have very little self control when it comes to kitsch.

Yesterday, when I had one 50 euro note in my bag, I went in. I was prepared for the damage. The store, Bonodeluxe, was even more fantastic inside than I had imagined. It is a lifestyle vintage store, and they have house decor pieces, furniture, handmade lamps, cushions, bags and quirky pieces that can add tons of character to corners of any home.

The store is run by a lovely couple, Jackie and Tobian. They take vintage pieces, as old as 100 years, and refurbish them in a way that it has a reinvented character of its own. They use lots of colours, designer upholstery and an unrestrained hand with sequins. Some of the piece that they stock do not come by any more, like teakwood fruits baskets. What is also heartwarming is the apparent romanticism in their work. It is not essentially feminine, but definitely romantic. And the ones that aren’t overflowing with mushy feels, they are quirky chic – think straight lines, geometric shapes, honed edges and rainbow.

There were many pieces that caught my fancy – a hen shaped serving bowl, antique mirror frames, a multicoloured sequins lamp, a teakwood fruit bowl, a summery wooden work desk, leafy wall-mounted lamps, and a stunning floral chandelier (costing 360€). 

It’s a fab place to buy statement pieces for your home, or as gifts for your loved ones. It’s a homegrown store, with one-of-a-kind vintage treasures that are refurbished with love, and deserves at least one visit.

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