Review: Shehr, The Desi Wonder Woman & India Trend’s Jewellery Collection

I have created an entire section on this blog for jewellery, so there is no confusion about my love for the said wearable art. Also, I support blogger collaborations with purchases as often as I can, because I understand all the hard work and devotion that goes into making such projects possible.

Now that you have heard me say the same thing for the fifth time this month, let’s get to the collection. Shehzeen Rehman, the blogger behind The Desi Wonder Woman, collaborated with India Trend, an online store for South Asian jewellery, to create a limited collection called Shehr (city).

Introducing the collection, Rehman said: “I am BEYOND thrilled to announce my limited edition jewellery collection – called Shehr – with India Trend. A selection of 12 very beautiful (if I must say so myself) unique pieces in the most gorgeous silver and gold tones. Each piece with meaning linked to a city dear to me and my history. I honestly cannot believe I have an exclusive collection to my name. It’s surreal yet real and I don’t think there could have been a better choice for the kind of products I got to create.

“This collection is a tribute from me to my father, Fazl. And a tribute from Parul to her father, RS. Of all the cities they lived, of all the stories they had”.

I loved the concept. Even before I saw the pieces, I knew that it would be special. In fact, for me, the story behind every piece is even bigger and more appealing than the pair of earrings itself.

Entwining our stories, I decided on purchasing two pairs – Karachi, because that will always be home and heart for me. And Lahore, because even though I have had only a very limited exposure to it, I find the culture and people truly bewitching. It is also the disputed food capital, and I can’t help but be in love with that. Also, N’s family is from Lahore, and German spent four life-changing years in the same city. So, even though from a distance, Lahore has a place in my heart.


Karachi is a pair of antique two-tone (gold/silver) Banjara earrings. The chandelier shape gives it length, with a charming design that has been crafted to make sure it is light-weight. There is nothing that pleases a jewellery-enthusiast than ease in wearability. I particularly like the mix of contrasting elements, and can see myself wearing it a whole bunch of times. For a change, you can even wear it as a teeka (like I did).


Hello Mr. Heavy Weight! In terms of design and appeal, this one is surely a winner. It has an antique look, and lots of different design elements. A triangular dome that leads to an upside-down sunset, followed by the cutest little three jhumkis. And all of this weigh enough to pull my ear slightly down. This one is for special occasions and evening affairs, where a missing earring won’t get noticed as the night progresses.

As an additional treat, I bought myself a Banjara ring as well – a massive, circular statement ring in antique silver. It has already earned me quiet a few complements and I am so glad that I bought it. I am also glad that I live far away from my sisters; at least I will get to enjoy wearing them (both earrings and the ring) for a while before they are borrowed (read: stolen, never to be returned).

As somebody who buys jewellery often, and from a variety of sources, I think the future collections could benefit from a slightly longer ear wires; also, especially for heavier pieces, earring backs make it easier (and safer) to wear a pair. What also caught my attention was the drop in prices a week after my purchase – Karachi went down to $24 from $30, and Lahore to $28 from $35. I wonder why.

All in all, ten on ten for the heart that went into designing this collection. For aesthetics, quality and overall appeal, I’d rate it eight on ten.

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