Gifts for family in Pakistan from Germany (Vol. II)

Eid is around the corner, which means many Pakistani expats in Germany will soon be packing their bags to go back to motherland/visit family. This also means that you will be soon racking your brain for gift ideas for your loved ones. I know, it’s hard, and this is why I am sharing gifts that we bought this year for our family. I did one such series last year, and it got much love. If you’d like to check it out, it’s here.

Back to 2019. Serving…inspiration!

Proscenic 811GB Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner

If you haven’t heard house help woes from your family in Pakistan, consider yourself very lucky. Given the size of our house, Mother India’s cleaning standards, insistence on paying the going rate and decision to install white flooring (across the house, including kitchen), cleaning ladies usually find the task overwhelming. So, it’s a stream of new ladies, who look for an exit a week or so later.

Long story short, I have seen my mom struggle with cleaning. Therefore, I bought a cute little cleaning robot for her.  I saw it working at a friend’s house for the first time. It vacuums the floor, can mop it as well, has a sensor to gauge distance and hurdles, can go into places that usual vacuum or jhaaro can’t, and saves a whole lot of effort. It is energy efficient, and can be managed with a remote or mobile app.

I used it for a day before sending it across seven seas, and found it useful. It does the job, but takes much longer. The one I bought is not very smart in terms of direction and area coverage, but works well when it finally gets to it. I have added one to my own wish list, so it can work while I watch Project Runway.

There are so many options in the market, from 89€ to 890€. Here are the ones I would recommend:

Proscenic 811GB WLAN Staubsauger Roboter(2 in 1: Saugroboter mit Wischfunktion)

ILIFE V80 Saugroboter mit Wischfunktion | intelligente Navigation 

Huawei P Smart 2019

It was a time for a phone upgrade for my MIL. Her requirements were simple – not too big, inexpensive and easy to use. After looking through a number of budget options, we bough Huawei P Smart 2019 from Saturn. It is a great option as it has all the latest specifications and does not break the bankm- 6.2″ display, 8M front camera with 16M back camera, NFC, 4 colour options, Android 9 + EMUI 9.0, 3 GB RAM + 64 GB ROM, fingerprint sensor and 3400 mAh battery.

We bought it from Saturn; it is also available online (e.g. amazon) and Media Markt.

Lancaster 365 Skin Repair Serum Youth Renewal

This has Mother India’s seal of approval. She got a sample, loved it, and this is a second time purchase of Lancaster 365 Skin Repair Serum for her.  It targets 100 % skin aging sources, both biological and environmental, for luminous youthful skin. It is very light, with a velvety finish – perfect for Pakistan’s weather. It works well with mature skin, and comes in 30ml, 50ml and 100ml bottles. Douglas and Galeria Kaufhof stocks them but I prefer ordering online (I bought it from here) as many e-sellers have a better price than brick-and-mortar counterparts.

Argan Oil

Last year I bought Grace and Stella’s Argan Oil for Mommy dearest, which was very well received. It is used as both hair and skin oil, with fantastic results for dry hands. I wanted to repurchase it but it was out of stock. So, after some Googling and review-reading, I bought Naissance marokkanisches Arganöl (100ml).


  • I really wanted Mother India to try couscous at home, so I got her a pack of bio couscous from Rewe. It is so easy to prepare, and twice as filling as rice. 
  • My dad has high blood pressure and sugar, so rice crackers (aka rice waffles) when he fancies a snack. 
  • Dry fruits that are not easily available in Pakistan, like pecans, pumpkin seeds and dried apricots.
  • Box of assorted cookies
  • Lindt chocolates (dark and with nuts)

For those travelling back home soon, please have Nando’s and send me a picture. Thank you.

Note: For every purchase, including earplugs and cosmetics, we run it through; it basically lists all the sellers, along with the price, and you can save a pretty penny.

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