The most peculiar pair of earrings in my stash are from Copenhagen

It was love at first sight. We had just entered Christiana district in Copenhagen, and the subtle shimmer of bronze accessories displayed on a freestanding stall caught my eye.

I walked towards the stall, and fell in love with so many pieces simultaneously. The man behind the pseudo counter was a charming middle-aged man, who would have made a great sales associate in a corporate environment. Extremely charming, and could start a conversation with literally anyone. Two people stopped by while I was there and he was equally friendly and chatty with them as well.

He had a wide variety, with some ‘commercial pieces’ (aka done to death and available everywhere), and some really interesting piece. They were in bronze and silver, with an intricate circular design, and a sharp open end. I was worried that it may prick me but I have worn it twice so far, sans accidents.

If you are going to Copenhagen, please please please visit Christiana. It’s love! And while you are in Christiana, check this stall out. It isn’t stellar quality or inexpensive, but sure has some one-of-a-kind pieces that would make any accessories’ enthusiast very happy.

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